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Major maneuvers in the French National Assembly with a view to possible alliances

Photo: Bertrand Guay Agence France-Presse National Rally deputies Sébastien Chenu (center) Bruno Clavet (left) and Bruno Bilde (right) arrive at the National Assembly on Wednesday.

France Media Agency in Paris

Published at 8:40 a.m.

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The camp of President Emmanuel Macron is trying on Wednesday to find a solution other than the left to govern France by turning towards a hesitant right, while the deputies of the National Rally entered the Assembly promising a future revenge.

No party or party coalition has reached the absolute majority of 289 deputies in the new National Assembly. Coming in first in the early legislative elections, the New Popular Front (left-wing alliance) won 190 to 195 elected officials, the presidential camp around 160 and the far right more than 140 seats.

< p>If the left alliance intends to propose a prime minister to President Macron, a large part of the macronie refuses to do so and takes out the calculator.

“We are a bit more than 160 today […] and I hear LR deputies (The Republicans, conservatives, Editor's note), various right, UDI (center-right, Editor's note), even various left, who would be ready to join us, which means that we could numerically surpass the left bloc,” said Minister for Gender Equality Aurore Bergé (Renaissance, presidential party), re-elected as a deputy on Sunday.

< p>The outgoing leader of the Renaissance deputies Sylvain Maillard has also called a “group meeting” on Wednesday to “look at which deputies are likely” to expand the central bloc.

Matignon for the right ?

As since 2022, the presidential camp mainly looks to the right to find allies. “There could be a right-wing prime minister, that would not bother me at all,” declared Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin.

An option approved by many deputies who want to avoid “at all costs” a government including members of La France insoumise (LFI, radical left), which they would censor.

Tuesday evening, the he former Prime Minister Édouard Philippe (Horizons, center-right) had already called for the signing of a “technical agreement” with Les Républicains, with a view to “advancing and managing the affairs of the country for at least one year”.

After having been inflexible on the hypothesis of a coalition, certain leaders of the right gradually seem to be opening up to the idea, pleading for the appointment of a prime minister from their camp at the head of a “ government of unity”.

But Laurent Wauquiez, another tenor who is making his return to the national landscape and seems well on his way to being elected president of the new LR parliamentary group, defends him a line “without compromise”, which could complicate the situation.

Above all, with a maximum of around sixty LR or various right-wing deputies, these potential future allies are far away to ensure an absolute majority for the Macronists.

This is why the boss of the MoDem François Bayrou advocates another line, set above all by the head of state , and the designation of a consensual prime minister.

It is “not the parties that will make the majority, it is the president who decides which personality can bring the most together, taking into account the nuances of the National Assembly,” he believes.< /p>

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“Party postponed” for the RN

Faced with these negotiations, the left denounced the “shenanigans” of the presidential camp. LFI coordinator Manuel Bompard accused Emmanuel Macron of “multiplying maneuvers” to “divert the result” of the legislative elections.

The NFP is also battling internally between its two main components, LFI and PS (socialist party).

Faced with this disorder, Marine Le Pen castigated the “quagmire” following the early legislative elections, upon entering the Palace Bourbon, seat of the National Assembly.

In a tense atmosphere in the middle of the cameras, the new RN deputies – who will be around 143 with their allies – have made their mark to the Assembly in the morning.

“A certain number of maneuvers, notably massive withdrawals, deprived us of the absolute majority. It’s only a postponement,” declared Marine Le Pen, re-elected president of the RN group in the Assembly.

RN president Jordan Bardella then brought together the group's deputies, asking them to be “perfectly irreproachable” during their mandate, echoing the multiple slip-ups of RN candidates who have polluted the campaign. “Your responsibility will be […] to accentuate the credibility of our project”, he launched.

Always silent in the face of the political situation, Emmanuel Macron s he is flying to Washington, where he is to participate in a NATO summit for two days.

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