Majors wanted to arrange a showdown with the poor cyclist! But then something unexpected happened


June 17, 2018, 01:29 | Auto

If earlier intelligence and a full stomach were considered a sign of wealth, now machines determine status!

The majors wanted to arrange a showdown with the poor cyclist! But then the unexpected happened

Such is the time now. Unfortunately, not all people understand that the machine does not define the person himself. They think that a cool car allows them to be kings on the road and swing right left and right, informs Ukr.Media.

People in cool foreign cars often forget about other road users, and generally forget that they too must follow the rules.

This is what happened on this day. A guy on a bicycle was riding along the road, and apparently got in the way of the guys in the Porsche Cayenne. The boys were touched by this and the three of them decided to show one unfortunate cyclist who is the boss here! Of course, it was not without hands-on experience. Not even a minute passed when the special forces appeared and put these upstarts in their place. It looked beautiful!

Let's watch and tell our friends!


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