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“Make Europe great again”, Hungary’s slogan for the EU presidency

Photo: Attila Kisbenedek Agence France-Presse “Our motto refers to the idea of ​​an active, hands-on presidency, to the fact that we are stronger together, while respecting our identity,” declared European Affairs Minister Janos Boka.

France Media Agency in Budapest

Published on June 18

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Hungary, which takes over the rotating presidency of the European Union (EU) at the beginning of July, unveiled the broad outlines of its program on Tuesday, flanked by a Trumpian slogan: “Make Europe Great Again “.

“Our motto refers to the idea of ​​an active, hands-on presidency, to the fact that we are stronger together, while respecting our identity” , declared European Affairs Minister Janos Boka, during a press conference in Budapest.

When asked about links with the MAGA movement (“Make America Great Again“) of the former US president, he responded with a joke. “To my knowledge, Donald Trump never wanted to make Europe strong,” he joked.

Nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who again visited his billionaire “friend” in March, is a fervent supporter of the Republican candidate and hopes for his return to the White House after the November presidential election.

In addition to this slogan, the Central European country of 9.6 million inhabitants has defined seven priorities, such as strengthening the competitiveness of the bloc or fighting against illegal immigration, one of the nationalist government's hobbyhorses.

Hungary had previously held the rotating presidency in the first half of 2011. Viktor Orbán was already in power, but since then relations with Brussels have become even more strained and there are numerous disagreements.

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The prospect of the leader in charge has caused unease in several member states, given Budapest’s anti-democratic tendencies and its links to the Kremlin.

Last year, the European Parliament passed a resolution on the subject, questioning how Viktor Orbán’s government “could credibly fulfil its task given its failure to respect EU law and values.”

Hungary is in conflict with Brussels over failings in the fight against corruption and media independence. And in response, the EU has suspended billions of euros in EU funds that were due to be paid to the country.

Furthermore, since the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine, Viktor Orban has refused to help kyiv militarily, blames the policy of sanctions against Moscow and continues to castigate Brussels, accused of wanting to drag Europe into a “global conflagration”. .

The EU Council, in which the ministers of the member states debate European legislation, is chaired in turn for six months by each of the 27 countries of the bloc, which then provide the impetus.

The EU Treaty, which establishes the principle of “equal rotation” between member states for this presidency, does not provides no exception to the rule.

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