Make-up: L'Oréal releases the make-up accessory imagined at Google

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The L'Oréal group makes beauty accessible to everyone with HAPTA, a make-up applicator made for people with reduced hand or arm mobility.

Make-up: L’Oréal releases the accessory that makes-up imaginated at Google

2023 seems to be placed under the sign of accessibility. While Sony has unveiled its first adaptive PS5 controller, which allows people with motor disabilities to play in the best conditions, it's L'Oréal's turn to present an inclusive innovation that will revolutionize the daily lives of millions of people. .

Indeed, the French cosmetics group took advantage of CES 2023 to lift the veil on HAPTA, a high-precision automated make-up applicator. It allows people with reduced arm or hand mobility to apply makeup easily and “cleanly”.

When L’Oréal makes beauty accessible

As the L'Oréal group points out, 50 million people live with limited dexterity. Whether it is a question of reduced mobility in the arm or the hand. Thus, for many people, putting on makeup is far from a pleasure. The products are difficult to handle and to apply them correctly for a beautiful result is another story. As a result, for the cosmetics group, the future of beauty is inclusive. L’Oréal puts technology at the service of everyone… And accessibility.

HAPTA is a portable automated makeup applicator. It allows you to apply make-up in a precise, simple and adapted way to everyone's mobility thanks to intelligent movement controls. It benefits from a magnetic attachment that swivels 360 degrees as well as a flexibility of 180 degrees. Therefore, the use is ergonomic and easy for everyone to apply makeup. It is possible to intuitively set the desired position, maintain it (of course) and lock the setting for future use.

This combination of smart movements with customizable accessories allows for an increased range of motion. It will be possible to easily open the packages and precisely apply the makeup. Something to change the daily lives of millions of people. HAPTA has an autonomy of one hour, which is equivalent to about ten applications according to L'Oréal.

HAPTA uses technology created by Verily, a subsidiary of Alphabet (Google) . Originally, it was designed so that people with reduced mobility could use their cutlery and eat independently.

Good news, HAPTA will show up this year. Lancôme will be the first brand to offer this technology. A lipstick applicator should be released in the coming months. Other cosmetic products will arrive in the future.

In the process, the L'Oréal group presented its Brow Magic, a smart eyebrow makeup applicator. It promises a tailor-made result adapted to the shape of each face.

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