“Make your life”: Belle and Bastos violently tackle Victoria


“Make your life”: Belle and Bastos violently tackle Victoria

The relationship between Belle and Bastos is causing a lot of reaction from Internet users… but also Victoria Mehault! His remark did not please the beautiful brunette who reacted on Instagram.

Love at first sight, friendship, complicity… rumors are rife about the relationship between Belle and Bastos. And the two reality TV candidates never leave each other! A few months after his breakup with Victoria Mehault, Would Bastos have found love again? His meeting with the beautiful Brazilian seems, in any case, to have turned him upside down. It’s on the set of The Battle of the Clans, the new TFX show that puts the Guedj family and the JLC Family in competition, that he met the beautiful brunette. If we are to believe the rumours, the two candidates would have become very close during the filming. Bastos has since published two YouTube videos with the young woman.

One of the two videos shares a surprising experience shared by the two accomplices. Belle and Bastos came up with the idea of ​​getting tattoos together. And that's not all! Their tattoo had to have an element incorporating a feature of the other. A very beautiful proof of complicitywhich unites them. This budding friendship or love causes a lot of reaction. And among the reactions, there is now that of the ex of Bastos, Victoria Mehault, who seems annoyed by this rapprochement. The young woman commented on the young man's YouTube video, writing: “Take off his piercing and call the vivi.” A remark that made Belle react! The latter shared her reaction on her Instagram account.

Beautiful tackle Victoria Mehault in reaction to her comment

On June 16, the young woman shared a story on Instagram in reaction to Victoria's criticism. She replies with humor: “It’s so funny how a little piece of metal on my arch tends the exes of the guys I date. Even with the quickdraw of Willy Denzey in 2004, I manage to crack the guys you like. So get off me with my piercing! This first story is followed by another that includes an excerpt from the first YouTube video shared by Bastos. We can see the complicit looks of the two candidates. Belle wrote under the video, “Really my bestie“. Everything currently seems to be going well between the two friends! It remains to be seen whether it is a nascent love or a very beautiful friendship!