Male names that attract money and success


May 20, 2022, 10:34 | Business

They are businessmen, showmen and just cool guys.

Male names that attract money and success

The names of these guys emit a special monetary energy that helps them become rich and famous, informs Ukr.Media.

For some, success is winning gold at the Olympics, and for others, becoming, for example, the head of a department . Whatever goal men with these names set for themselves, fate itself will help them find success and earn a lot of money.


Diligence helps a man named Yurii climb the career ladder and earn a lot.

Calm, firm in his decisions and optimistic. It can be said about a man named Yuriy that he is a jack of all trades. Whatever the bearer of this name undertakes, everything will go smoothly, and he will remain only in the plus. Yura is very hardworking, for which his colleagues and friends respect him and help him in every way.


Fame and money love men named Andriy so much that they find their way to them themselves.

The owners of the name Andriy are distinguished by purposefulness and subtle intuition. This man always has money, as well as success. Andrii is respected at work, loved in the family circle – what is an imperfect life? And all because of the special energy that this male name exudes.


A person named Fedor can be called stubborn, and this character trait helps the bearer of the name to become successful and rich.

Fedor can be called a stubborn person. It is this quality that helps a man achieve what he wants. Even if at first glance it seems that the adventure in which the owner of this name got involved is doomed to failure, it is thanks to Fedya's perseverance that he will succeed. Money and popularity among women are Fedor's companions in adult life.


Artem likes to take risks, but only if he knows that the adventure will bring a good amount of money.

Who loves big money and loud success? Those who are not afraid to take risks. Artem is just one of those men who will take a justified risk without hesitation. So in no case can the owners of this name be called irresponsible or not very smart. Artem calculates his every step and perfectly predicts the consequences, that is why he acts, confident in his own success.


The owner of the name Eldar often opens his own business because he does not tolerate authority over him.

A man named Eldar can be described as independent, who does not tolerate authority over him. Therefore, most often the bearers of this name open a private business or become individual performers. Despite the difficulties that may periodically arise on the way to success, Eldar will always have both fame and money.


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Nykyta also has business acumen and a keen sense of profitable and successful deals, which is why he is popular among his colleagues.

The bearer of the beautiful male name Nikyta can be a little hot-tempered in his youth and like to argue . Growing up and socializing more and more, this young man begins to behave more restrained. But do not confuse with modesty. Nikita has a special business acumen, which helps to unerringly identify successful deals that will bring good money to the owner of this name. For this, Nikita is respected by his colleagues and partners.


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