Małgorzata Ohme revealed the backstage of cooperation with Edward Miszczak. “Nobody will screw you up like he does”

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How does Małgorzata Ohme remember working with Edward Miszczak?

 Małgorzata Ohme revealed the backstage of cooperation with Edward Miszczak. /></p><p> As the “Jastrząb Post” portal reminds us, some time ago Edward Miszczak left TVN, where he was the program director. After his departure, many stars decided to reveal the details of working with him. What did Małgorzata Ohme have to say about this?</p><p> <strong> Małgorzata Ohme on TVN </strong></p><p>Years ago, Edward Miszczak discovered the potential of Małgorzata Ohme. The psychologist was quite often invited to various programs in the station as an expert. In 2015, she was offered a place on the jury of the “Aplauz Aplauz” program. In 2019, she joined the “Big Brother” program, where she ran special live releases.</p><p> Although the programmers did not turn out to be a spectacular success, it was a pass for Małgorzata Ohme to TVN's breakfast. After Edward Miszczak left, Ohme thanked him for the chance he gave her. Now she revealed a bit more details about their relationship with each other. Turns out it wasn't always colorful.</p><blockquote class =

Małgorzata Ohme on cooperation with Edward Miszczak

Małgorzata Ohme in an interview with the journalist “Jastrząb Post” admitted that Edward Miszczak is the person who “professionally owes the most”. She added that now everyone is waiting a bit for how things will unfold, although one thing is for sure, “Edward's era is over.”

“Sometimes I miss his calls when he shouted why I'm laughing stupidly and in a moment he said it was great, “Ohme said, admitting at the same time that while there was no other person who screamed like that, there was no other person who could show her support.

Backstage, it seems In early 2023, Edward Miszczak will start working at Polsat, from which Nina Terentiew is to leave. Do you think this will actually happen?

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