MamaRika has recorded a new lyric track

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MamaRika recorded a new lyric track

The artist noted that the composition returns to the best moments of life, where you want to hide from everyone.

Ukrainian singer MamaRika, who recently returned from a charity tour of Europe, presented a new composition. The video was published on Youtube.

The track called Happiness brings a person back to a wonderful period of life – childhood.

“We all come from childhood … And when the soul hurts, we mentally return to my home, where the grass was so tall, and my mother's hugs were hidden from all troubles… Now we are scattered around the world, but only in our native land we breathe freely, because here is our happiness… “- the artist commented on the premiere of the track.

It is noted that for about two months the artist with her son and husband traveled around Europe in order to raise funds in support of Ukraine and on social networks told stories about joyful and difficult moments during the trip. Upon arrival at her homeland, MamaRika admitted that the best place is in Ukraine.

“For the last month and a half, my family and I have been traveling around Europe as part of a charity tour and realized that our homesickness has reached insane proportions. We were literally counting the days when we return to our homeland, because our heart is only here, in our native land. No matter what, no matter how hard it is, we will always return to where we are the happiest, to our Ukraine!” /p>

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Earlier it was reported that MamaRika admitted that she did not want her husband, presenter Sergey Sereda, to go to the front line.

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