Man accused of double murder in Taché found not criminally responsible

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Man accused of double murder in Taché found not criminally responsible

Karlton Dean Reimer of Steinbach has been found not criminally responsible for two killings in Lorette in March 2021.

Karlton Dean Reimer, the Steinbach man charged in a March 2021 double murder in Lorette, Manitoba, was found not criminally responsible on Monday.

At the Courthouse in Winnipeg, Court of King's Bench Judge Shawn Greenberg ruled that the defendant's mental state did not allow him to measure his actions at the material time.

This decision was jointly approved by Crown prosecutors and defense attorneys.

Karlton Reimer has undergone several medical examinations since the events, which revealed signs of schizophrenia.

Karlton Dean Reimer had broken into a residence on River Road, halfway between Lorette and Dufresne.

At the residence, officers pronounced the deaths of a 77-year-old man and a 73-year-old woman, Dennis and Bernadette Lidgett. Mr. Reimer has been charged with two second degree murders.

The court heard that on March 24, 2021, the man was in a state of psychosis when he attacked his victims.

The hearing reports that Karlton Dean Reimer allegedly took his family's car to drive randomly to his victims' homes.

At the scene, the attacker stabbed his victims several times. He then called 911, before fleeing.

The man is currently in custody.

His case will be submitted within the next three months to the Manitoba Criminal Code Review Board, which will determine whether he should be confined to a mental health facility.

The criminologist Jean-Claude Bernheim explains that in these institutions, the person who has been found not criminally responsible should have a treatment plan and his status will be reassessed regularly.

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