Man armed with grenade arrested by Winnipeg police

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Winnipeg police arrest man with grenade

Grenade seized by Winnipeg Police Service.

A man arrested Monday by the Winnipeg Police Service was armed with a grenade and a bladed weapon. The police bomb disposal unit, however, determined that the explosive device was not viable.

Officers spotted the suspect at around 1 a.m. Monday in an alley in the neighborhood of Weston, in northwest Winnipeg. He had something protruding from his waist.

The 35-year-old man was arrested and police found he was concealing a grenade and a knife.

The police closed the area to the public waiting for the demining unit, which destroyed the explosive device. In a first statement, the police indicated that it was an active grenade.

Later on Tuesday, the police specified that tests made it possible to determine that the device was not viable.

The suspect is charged with multiple weapons-related counts.

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