“Man from Toronto”. Netflix record-breaking comedy remake with Richard and Depardieu


    Premier action comedy “The Man from Toronto” with Woody Harrelson: unbelievable blunt, but not without a twist.

    On June 24, the action comedy The Man from Toronto, directed by Patrick Hughes (The Expendables 3), starring Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson, was released on Netflix. The platform reported that the film topped the US and UK charts.

    According to the plot, they accidentally confused the killer and the humorous salesman-loser. The film uses all similar moves from the French comedies of the 1970s and 1980s: “A tall blond in a black shoe”, “Prick with an umbrella”, “Dads”, and the name was taken from “The Man from Rio”. But still, the duet of Harrelson and Hart and spectacular special effects make the picture ideal for a one-time viewing.

    Hollywood's oldest screenwriter Robbie Fox (“I Married an Ax Killer”, “Old Men Under Watch”) and his younger colleague Chris Bremner (“Bad Boys 4”) shamelessly used the developments of French cinema of the 1960-1980s in “The Man from Toronto”.

    The Man from Toronto: primary sources

    In “The Tall Blond Man in a Black Shoe” (1972) they confuse the musician and the spy, in “The Prick with an Umbrella” (1980) – the killer and the comedian. In both films, the leading role is played by the star of French comedies Pierre Richard. In “Unlucky” (1981), “Papas” (1983) and “Runaways” (1986) – the comedy duet of Richard and Gerard Depardieu shines. The idea of ​​the three films is the same: the forced collaboration of two polar opposites: the hero of Richard is a loser, weak, comical, the character of Depardieu is a fighting, strong-willed, slightly despising his partner.

    All these moves were used in their script for “The Man from Toronto” and Robbie Fox and a colleague. Moreover, even in the name of the action movie, they beat the name of the French crime comedy of 1964 with Jean-Paul Belmondo – “The Man from Rio”. The result is an explosive plot mix.

    Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson, hitman and salesman

    Teddy Jackson (Kevin Hart) is a failed salesman. But not without imagination – he invented, for example, “contactless boxing”. Teddy's YouTube training channel has seven views in three years. At the same time, the guy's tongue is well suspended: he flutters perfectly. But he can’t focus on one thing and makes annoying mistakes, like forgetting to put the coordinates of his gym on the flyer.

    On the birthday of his beloved and charming wife Lori (Jasmine Matthews), Teddy rented a mansion on the lake, but due to a poorly printed address (did not change the cartridge), he ends up in a neighboring house where thugs torture a man, trying to find out the cipher. They mistake Teddy for the killer-interrogator – the Man from Toronto. Teddy, turning on his imagination and the ability to “load”, unexpectedly quickly achieves results. But soon he will face the real Man from Toronto (Woody Harrelson)…

    There will be dizzying stunts on planes and cars, fights and self-mutilation – all this is like in a 1990s action movie. Add some very average humor. But one thing keeps the screen going: Harrelson (True Detective) and Hart (Jumanji) are a natural duo, because the former has played killers countless times, while the latter started out as a failed stand-up comedian. Both do not need to strain or transform to play their characters.

    Woody not only played killers more than once (“Natural Born Killers”), but, as you know, his father was a professional killer, sentenced to life.

    As for Hart, in his twenties, he tried to perform as a stand-up comedian in Philadelphia under the name Lil Kev, but he was booed several times from the stage, and once even a piece of chicken was thrown at him. However, the failures of Kevin Hart did not break, he began to participate in various comedy competitions and, finally, succeeded. So who should be given a prize for this film is the casting manager.

    The most fascinating thing in the picture is how the two central characters “flow” into each other: Teddy becomes more collected and bolder, and Wally, a.k.a. The Toronto Man, little by little his heart melts. The bond between them is that both appreciate Teddy's wife, but Wally believes that her husband is not worthy.

    Note that the parody of the picture significantly softens the criminal events shown in it. How it works? Tragedy-lyricism exalts, giving rise to tears (ascending metaphor, as Brodsky said: “your eyes are like turquoise”), and humor-irony understates (descending metaphor: “your eyes are like brakes”), causing laughter. Therefore, it is appropriate when tragically they show good (therefore, there are few jokes in the Bible, in particular), and humorously – evil. killers with nicknames will gather: the Man from Tokyo, the Man from Miami and even the Man from Moscow, who will get hit in the face with a barbell.

    Conclusion: a successful Hart-Harrelson couple, an ironic portrayal of criminals and spectacular special effects make the picture ideal for viewing on a day off when you don’t want to strain.


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