Man will share with the village a jackpot of $136 million

Мужчина поделится с деревней джекпотом в $136 млн

A UK resident hit the jackpot in almost 136 million dollars and decided to win gold for his village.

This publication reports the Daily Mail.

A resident of the English village 42-year-old Steve Thompson played the lottery for the past 25 years. On the eve of his combination of numbers (08-10-15-30-42-04-06) proved to be the winning one. When the man learned of the jackpot amount, he was “on the verge of a heart attack.”

The father of three children won the lottery 105 million pounds (about 136 million). A man for a long time could not come to himself, but then told about winning his wife.

The first woman decided that her husband won 105 thousand pounds and suggested to go on a family trip. Thompson said that he intends “to be generous, but prudent.” He is going to share money with their village, “making her all in his power”.

This man, construction worker, noted that to quit is not going to complete all undertaken projects in due time.

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