Mane Cureau: what has become of her since The Battle of Couples?


Manue Cureau: what has become of her since The Battle of Couples?

Absent from our screens since The battle of couples, what becomes of Mane Cureau? What has she been doing since quitting reality TV? We let you discover it in this article.

On Wednesday on melty, you can find the retrospective of the week. The concept ? We invite you to discover the news of a candidate who has marked reality TV, but who has disappeared from our screens for a few years. After having spoken to you about Charlotte Lacourbe, we are going to be interested in another personality of the Marseillais. And you will understand: it’s about Manue Cureau! It’s in Les Marseillais en Thailand that she started reality TV. The young woman arrived on this adventure to join Antonin Portal, her boyfriend at the time.

In the process, we saw Manue Cureau again. strong>in Les Ch’tis vs les Marseillais, the revenge. It will be the last time that the beautiful brunette will participate in an adventure with Les Marseillais. It’s then in La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 3 that we see her again with Antonin Portal. And their issue was “we are a coupe in crisis”. They will emerge from the adventure together and participate in The Battle of Couples. But that will be the last time we will see Manue and Antonin on screen again, since they separated just after filming the show made in TFX.

Manue Cureau is a blogger!

And since then, Manue Cureau has completely stopped reality TV. She is 100% dedicated to her blog, Emmanuelle&You. She shares articles on fashion, beauty, lifestyle and even shopping. Besides that, she is still an influencer. On her Instagram account, she is followed by more than 641,000 people. On the love side, many rumors say that she would be in a relationship with Julien Bert. In any case on her social networks, she does not let anything appear!