Manitoba couple found guilty of abusing and neglecting their two babies

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Manitoban couple found guilty of abusing and neglecting their two babies

The twins have survived months of abuse, but they “will continue to struggle”, according to the judge. (Archives)

More than three years after their young twins were discovered seriously malnourished and in mortal danger, a western Manitoba woman and man have been sentenced to 18 and 12 years in prison respectively. /p>

There is no greater breach of trust than between a parent and a child, Judge Sandra Zinchuk told a court hearing the Court of King's Bench in Dauphin, in southwestern Manitoba, on Thursday.

The twins' mother is 40 years old, and the father is 57 years old. Their names cannot be given due to a publication ban to protect the identity of their children.

In July 2019, two workers Child and Family Services social workers attended the family's home. There they found the twins with bruises and scrapes on their bodies.

The young children were then airlifted to Winnipeg Children's Hospital, where the #x27;they each were found to have had more than 20 broken bones.

Last January, the couple were convicted of two counts of criminal negligence causing bodily harm and breach of duty to provide the necessaries of life.

The woman was also found guilty of two counts of aggravated assault.

Both parents expressed remorse, says Judge Sandra Zinchuk . However, at present, I find that both lack introspection as to their misbehavior.

The Age of Man and wife and the fact that they both raised children before the twins were significant factors in their sentencing, Ms Zinchuk says.

There is no x27;were not inexperienced young parents, but two mature adults who knew what was expected of them, she concludes.

With the information by Özten Shebahkeget and Riley Laychuk

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