Manitoba cracks down on Airbnb of private pools


The Manitoba cracks down on Airbnb private pools

During the period summer, the Swimply swimming pool rental site for individuals is a success.

Manitoba Health requires pool owners who rent to individuals to either stop doing so or follow regulations that apply to public pools. The Swimply pool rental app is used by about 20 homeowners across the province.

The province says commercial rental of a backyard pool changes the Status: It then meets the same regulations as a public pool under provincial regulations.

Under Manitoba regulations, residential pools (private pools) cannot be rented for commercial purposes, the province's statement continues.

Commercial pools must:

  • hold a health inspector permit;

  • ensure the presence of a qualified lifeguard (from the City, for example) on the scene.

The province specifies in an email sent to Radio-Canada that no inspection of private pools for commercial rental purposes has been done so far.

In an interview granted on the show Le 6 à 9, the president of the working group on the collaborative economy and lecturer at the École nationale d& #x27;public administration, Guillaume Lavoie, explains that public administrations have an interest in implementing regulations to better regulate these services.

Guillaume Lavoie explains the success of services like this. This broad collaborative economy trend is not about doing more with less, but about doing more with what already exists, he says.

The Swimply site offers pool rentals all over the world. Anyone with a swimming pool can register on the platform to rent it by the hour.

In Winnipeg, about twenty people have tried it. Pool rentals can cost between $29 and $80 per hour.

Guillaume Lavoie reminds you of the need to declare the income generated by this rental. General tax or revenue law in Canada says all income must be declared, he points out.

In Toronto, residents have declared their displeasure in due to noise pollution related to Swimply pool rentals.

At the time of publishing this text, Swimply had not yet responded to a request for an interview from Radio -Canada.


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