Many efforts, one goal: the future of the planet |  Because we only have one

Many efforts, one goal: the future of the planet | Because we only have one

As has never been seen in the history of modern humanity, most environmental analyzes and projections, which at some point were “long-term” on the impact and indelible mark of the human, around its excessive production and consumption , have already in most cases become a red alert and urgent call to action.

The planet has been in risky conditions for several decades that call for strong lines of involvement on the part of each and every one of the actors in society. From an urgent call to declare a climate emergency, through individual changes in vision about the use of our natural and material resources, to the arrival of clean energy sources, hybrid mobility alternatives, among many other strategies in favor of a more livable world for future generations. There is a lot to do.

In this scenario, it is citizens, governments, associations and groups of any type or objective, as well as corporations and even the banks themselves who have the task of generating a dialogue and implementing concrete action plans to reduce environmental risks.

Many efforts, one goal: the future of the planet |  Because we only have one

Drive the future

At the beginning of 2021, still in a state of restriction at the beginning of the most recent health crisis, one of the main sustainable mobility alternatives in Mexico City, the bicycle, record an increase of 221% against the decrease in the use of public transport by 50%, which also represents a significant reduction in polluting emissions for the environment. A scenario to which is added the increasing use of electric cars, which represent 2.5% of car sales in the world and 1% of the vehicle fleet in Mexico, and hybrids, with benefits, tax incentives and reduction of maintenance costs in its use.

On the other hand, vital sectors for the productive life and financial development of countries such as banking have also done their bit. A specific example can be found in BBVA, one of the country’s leading banking leaders that has been involved in various solutions for linking and sustainable cooperation, both internally and with its clients through financial products. credits, insurance and punctual services in the green field.

However, a planet with an ideal sustainability DNA requires an even greater redoubling of efforts on the part of everyone, in any area of ​​life and on a constant basis. There is talk then of a continuous work of reflections and exhaustive actions on our role as consumers (food, green mobility, technology, clothing, services); of an intelligent and conscious management of water, natural resources and the different ecosystems that we inhabit; of the energy sources that we use and the use that we are giving them; of a much more circular, green and efficient economy for all; of a more efficient, safe and ecological hybrid mobility, as well as solutions and engineering that promote the retribution of its natural essence to the different life cycles of the planet, with a single objective: to make it more habitable.

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