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This rule, often ignored during the holidays, can have serious financial consequences.

It's the most anticipated time of the year but also, often, the most feared. for his finances. Summer arrives, the holidays with it. Between travel costs, the amount spent on accommodation, expenses for various activities and even food expenses, the summer budget can quickly burn for a family. If aid exists to cushion the burden of these summer payments à everything goes, many French people also rely on another tip to limit the impact of numerous purchases at home. come. However, this practice often turns out to be illegal and exposes people to crime. a heavy fine. And almost no one knows it.

Vacations are often synonymous with fun. Restaurants, ice creams, crepes… The delicacies abound. When paying, the first instinct is to take out your bank card. Some also kept are used to paying in cash, while others do not hesitate to pay in cash. pay à using their restaurant voucher card. 4.8 million French people own one. This is a funded account. partly by the employer and partly by the employee. to finance his meals at lunchtime, on days when the person works. However, the card holder is free to use it whenever they want. With the possibility of to spend 19 euros per day, the temptation is great to use it during the holidays.

Many French people do it during the holidays: it is however prohibited and the fine is 135 euros

However, the law regulates the days and places where; the meal voucher card. It is not possible to do anything with it. First of all, it is prohibited to pay with outside of one's work department and neighboring departments, unless the company explicitly authorizes it. Concretely, an employee working à Paris cannot use its meal voucher card à Bordeaux, Nice or even Versailles.

Besides, it's impossible to pay with it every day. On Sundays and public holidays, it is forbidden to use meal vouchers. Là again, unless your company explicitly allows it. This legislative framework for meal vouchers is little known but can, however, hurt the wallet in the event of control. According to the law, failure to comply with these rules exposes you to criminal liability. a 4th category fine, i.e. 135 euros, which can be reduced to 90 euros in case of payment within three days or increased 750 euros in case of late payment.

In reality, controls are almost non-existent and the use of restaurant vouchers everywhere in France and beyond. any time is common. Even though in 2018, the boss of an SME was reprimanded by the Labor Inspectorate after being reprimanded by the Labor Inspectorate. #39;an employee usedé its titles on non-working days (weekend or public holiday)…

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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