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This message, apparently very true, is false and it is easy to be trapped.

It's a message which, à its first reading, challenges and provokes an almost immediate reaction. It must be said that when we receive an alert that affects what we are doing. your bank account, the first reflex is to act and, therefore, to follow the instructions to keep control of your money. That's the problem: by acting quickly, there is the risk of doing it wrong and making an irreparable error. Some French people have recently learned how to use it. their costs.

Since the end of May, thousands of people have received an SMS alerting them of an "action" à make for their bank account. "In order to maintain access to our services, please identify yourself, by clicking on the attached link, indicates the message. At the origin of communication, the Company is general. Well almost. In reality, the sender is much murkier and the inserted link is more confusing. following even more opaque.

Many French people have received this SMS from their bank: it's a scam and beware of your account

Many of the bank's customers have recently been affected. recipients of a message which states that an update safety day was é put in place by the banking establishment and that it is necessary, to continue to do so. go to your online account, log in by clicking on the link provided in the SMS. Many of the 9 million customers of "SG" might be tempted to do so. Especially since once the link is opened, everything is up to date. believe that it is really the bank's site.

The connection interface & the Company general is redone the same and nothing suggests, & #39; eye view, of a scam. Especially since it is well put together: once the connection identifier and password are registered on the fake site, you must click on " Validate" and this opens the page of the real website of the Company. general. However, it is impossible to go back to the fake site, which has just recorded your customer number and your confidential code to connect to your site. take your place and make dishonest transactions.

If you have unfortunately reached the end of the process, there is no need to flog yourself, the time has come. fix your mistake. The first reflex is to call your bank advisor and explain the situation to him: first of all, this will allow him to know that particular vigilance is required ;e must be provided on the movements of your account; Furthermore, he will be able to quickly offer you solutions to limit the consequences of your error.

Despite numerous alerts of all kinds, many French people are still being fooled by these false messages. To protect yourself from any scam, we constantly repeat that you should never click on the links received in SMS or emails, except à what you have been é previously warned. To do this, especially for your bank account, nothing could be simpler: call your advisor before and/or go to your bank's website to see if an official communication has been made. done.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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