Many travelers find the ArriveCAN app useless


Many travelers find it useless the ArriveCAN application

The application was imposed due to the pandemic.

Many returning travelers are calling on the government to scrap the ArriveCAN app.

“Entering the system on the website takes time. If you don't know your stuff, you can even miss your flight,” says Windsor resident Gentil Katembo.

When he started his journey back to Canada from South Africa last June, Mr. Katembo says he was unable to complete the form in time before a match.

I don't think it's worth this system staying [in place]. I even remember when I got to the airport I missed my flight from Toronto to Windsor because of it. This form […] delays people, it still stresses, he says.

Gentil Katembo thinks the ArriveCAn app is useless.

“I agree with those people who demand that this system be cancelled. »

— Nice Katembo

President Mark Weber of the Customs and Immigration Union, which represents border workers, told CBC in an interview on Friday that between 30% and 40% of travelers who arrive in certain parts of Canada , especially in Windsor, Ontario, fill out information incorrectly in the application, forget to do so, or do not know it is a requirement.

John Strang regularly visits his daughter who lives in Boston. He considers the system ineffective. I think the system is outdated, he explains.

He would like the ArriveCAN app to be removed. According to him, some travellers, especially seniors who have trouble taming technology, experience enormous problems.

John Strang, resident of Windsor, often travels to the United States. He thinks the ArriveCAN application needs to be terminated.

There are elderly people who do not master the use of the Internet. They encounter difficulties when they arrive at the border, he says.

Leticia Dikoume, meanwhile, finds that the application has no reason to x27; to be for border residents.

I find it a bit useless. [Windsor], you could honestly say it's a suburb of Detroit, she said.

Towela Okwudire resides in Michigan and often works in Windsor. According to her, the only thing that can justify the maintenance of the ArriveCAN application is the increase in the number of monkeypox infections recently observed.

Towela Okwudire says she has difficulty filling out the ArriveCAN application when traveling with her whole family.

If [simian pox] becomes a problem, we will always need ArriveCAN, that's my only argument for keeping ArriveCAN, she believes.

Brian Masse, the NDP MP for Windsor West, tweeted that the government uses ArriveCAN to permanently track border movements. He denounces this practice and says it undermines economic recovery efforts.

MPs need to speak out now or it will destroy our tourism industry, create frustration and longer queues when technology fails, he wrote in his tweet.


The app was initially only mandatory for air travelers entering Canada, but became a requirement for all border crossings in February 2021. Canadian and international travelers must still submit information including proof of vaccination, travel dates and contact details within 72 hours of arriving in the country.

The government has announced the last month that the app would be mandatory at least until September 30, and Public Security Minister Marco Mendicino clarified that it would survive the pandemic as part of a modernization strategy to reduce bottlenecks ent at the borders.

With information from the Canadian Press


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