Many zodiac signs have traits that make them difficult to love. Are you among them

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Love is a multi-faceted thing, but it's even harder without it…

Many zodiac signs have characteristics that make it difficult for them to love. Are you among them

< p>Many of us sometimes struggle with difficulties related to maintaining healthy relationships with the close environment or relationship with the other half.


You don't understand what peace is and you don't tolerate routine. You get bored very quickly. You make your partner feel that he will never be good enough for you, even if he does everything to make you happy.


You are stubborn. You want everything to go your way every time. You reject all compromises. You avoid discussing problems with your partner and finding a mutual solution because you want to be right too much.


You run away from making decisions. You'd rather let your partner pick a restaurant, a TV show, or a date spot because you never know what you want. You don't want to make the choice yourself, leaving all the work and its consequences to your other half.


You are a forgiving person and will do anything to punish anyone who opposes your will. You can manipulate your close environment for your own benefit and will do anything to maintain the image you build.


You are afraid of commitment and prefer to be alone. You don't want anyone to feel that they mean a lot to you. You live a lie, pushing others away from you so they can't hurt you.


You keep all your emotions inside. If something bothers you, you'd rather suffer in silence than tell your partner. You never open up to him and tell him what you really think. You try to face everything on your own, believing that you don't need anyone.


You like to dramatize and imagine worst-case scenarios. You turn unimportant problems into real drama. Instead of discussing the situation with your partner before it gets out of hand, you harass him without even trying to figure it out.

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