Maple producers want 200,000 hectares of public land


Acé farmers want to obtain 200 000 hectares of public land

Gaps in public lands are claimed (archives).

Quebec maple syrup producers want 200,000 hectares of public land to be protected in order to ensure their protection. supply and export of maple syrup.

The public consultation for the development of maple syrup production in public forests ended last week. It was held by the Ministère de la Forêt, de la Faune et des Parcs du Québec.

The director general of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers, Isabelle Lapointe, explains that producers of maple syrup were able to recall the difficulties they face and submit their proposals.

We want to have our place on public land to continue to increase exports. We did a study of the next 60 years. We want sugar bush gardening to have maple trees in 60 years. It takes 50 to 60 years to have an acceptable yield, explains Ms. Lapointe.

Isabelle Lapointe mentions that sugar bushes on public lands are mainly found in the Bas-Saint- Laurent and Gaspésie.

There are 18% of notches on public land. We want to increase it to 30%. We all want to work together. We want to keep the maple trees so that producers can exploit territories in the future, mentions Isabelle Lapointe.

She believes that 200,000 hectares, or 36 million taps in the land could fill the market.

Export growth was exceptional at 20% last year. With growth at 7 or 8% as usual, we will be able to meet the demand. We export to 51 countries. 90% of production is exported around the world, explains Ms. Lapointe.

Interview with Isabelle Lapointe on the show Par ici l'info

She points out that 50% of Quebec maple syrup is exported to the United States. France, Great Britain and Japan are also major consumers.

We had a record year in 2022. The performance was very good. We remain vigilant to climate change, even if we are not yet feeling the effects, says Isabelle Lapointe.


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