MAPR6: Emilie left out of the cast after her breakup? Candidates answer cash

MAPR6: Emilie left out of the casting after her breakup? ;pondent cash

Many Internet users believe that Emilie was put aside after her divorce from Frédérick. Some Married at First Sight 6 contestants then made things clear.

This Monday, June 13, 2022, viewers will discover the first results in Married at first sight season 6. Indeed, several couples will again pass in front of the experts of the romance program to make a final point on their experience and decide if they yes or no continue their way together. This will also be the case for Bruno and Alicia or even Damien and Pauline. Over the course of the episodes, many viewers also fell in love with the couple formed by Emilie and Frédérick.Unfortunately, the latter have made the decision to break up for good and will therefore not be entitled to the final balance sheet.

Anyway, the cast of Married at first sight met on Friday June 10 in Paris for a recording of the show. A small group then went to enjoy the capital before meeting for a drink. However, Internet users have noticed that one person is missing and it is Emilie. The young woman then wished to respond to the concerns of her fans: “ They all know each other and I don't know anyone. And you know, you can't please everyone. If a person judges me without knowing me, just on a single soundtrack, then they are not intelligent… I don’n’need anyone to move forward and I don’t need to belong to a group to exist » t- she declared on Instagram.

Emily snubbed? Eddy and Bruno make things clear

Other candidates were also interviewed by Internet users who concluded that Emilie had simply been put aside after her breakup with Frédérick. Determined to set the record straight, Eddy said, “Emilie and I just don't talk to each other! And we didn't talk to each other before. We exchanged two messages, where she replied quickly. I have absolutely nothing against her, no worries! We're not from the south with Jennifer. So we met everyone for the first time in the same way as Emilie on Friday. And Frédérick didn't tell us about her at all (neither badly nor good…)”. A story reposted by Bruno who added: “Ditto me. To respond to all posts on this topic. » No scramble on the horizon, something to reassure fans of the M6 ​​program.

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