MAPR6: “It was very embarrassing”, Cyndie looks back on her catastrophic arrival at Jauffrey


MAPR6: “It’s been very embarrassing”, Cyndie talks about her arrival ;e catastrophic at Jauffrey's

When she discovered her husband Jauffrey's apartment for the first time in Married at First Sight 6, Cyndie was quickly disillusioned and here's why.

To the delight of viewers, season 6 of Married at first sight has allowed several couples to form. This is particularly the case of Bruno and Alicia or even Pauline and Damien who decided to continue their relationship off-camera after the final assessment with the experts. Cyndie and Jauffrey, discovered later in the episodes, continue to get to know each other. In the June 13 episode, the young woman came to visit her husband for the first time in his apartment in Marseille. Unfortunately, not everything went as planned, as she told Télé Loisirs.

“When I arrive at Jauffrey’s, c&rsquo ;was very embarrassing, I feel a bit uncomfortable,”, she admits before continuing:“He had told me about his apartment. I also went through having to do some work when I bought my apartment. He had told me beforehand that he would do little things to repair his toilet, to assemble furniture… So that I wouldn’t arrive in an apartment in this state. It’s already very embarrassing because there was no toilet, for a woman it’s quite complicated. The course of the toilet as a couple is always a complicated moment. And when it doesn't work…”

Cyndie disappointed by Jauffrey

When she discovers her new husband's accommodation, Cyndie tries somehow to hide her disappointment: “I became disillusioned at that moment, I did not want to be mean but I saw at that moment, the apartment of an immature man. As I was already asking myself questions beforehand as to whether he was ready, that somewhat answers the questions I was asking myself, admits the young woman. To top it off, the toilets were out of order. The couple then had to improvise: “we had a restaurant for lunch so that I could go to the bathroom and concretely I peed in the shower before going to bed. »