Marc Tanguay fails to bring Marie-Claude Nichols back to the PLQ

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Marc Tanguay fails to bring Marie-Claude Nichols back to the PLQ

The interim leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec, Marc Tanguay, indicated on Tuesday that Marie-Claude Nichols will not return to the party caucus “for team cohesion”.

MP Marie-Claude Nichols will not rejoin the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ) caucus, interim leader Marc Tanguay announced during a press briefing on Tuesday morning in the lobby of the National Assembly.

Mr. Tanguay, who had given himself as his first mandate as interim leader to bring the MNA for Vaudreuil back to the fold, invoked team cohesion to explain the absence of Ms. Nichols in his team.

My priority [as leader] was to promote the reintegration of Marie-Claude Nichols into the Liberal caucus, but the offer he made to her obviously did not please the rest of the MPs .

By Monday evening, news that Mr. Tanguay had reached an agreement with Ms. Nichols began circulating. An agreement which provided that the member would share with Frantz Benjamin the position of third vice-president of the National Assembly, a position at the origin of the discord which led to her exclusion from the PLQ.

< p class="e-p">However, this offer would have aroused the ire of the Liberal caucus, and in particular of Mr. Benjamin, who should have ceded his position to Ms. Nichols after two years.

In the evening Monday evening, in a telephone interview with The Canadian Press, Frantz Benjamin, furious, said that he was questioning his political career, considering leaving the caucus, because he had been promised twice that the position was intended for him and full-time for the entire mandate and that the promise was broken.

In his press briefing, Marc Tanguay said it was an exploratory offer, but one that was clearly rejected by his caucus. Thus, he chose not to divide the vice-presidency of the National Assembly. He said he then informed Ms. Nichols.

Marie-Claude Nichols had been excluded from the liberal caucus by former chef Dominique Anglade, who has since resigned.

The file of the third vice-presidency is behind us, swore the new leader of the PLQ, for whom everything has been said on this subject. He now wants to focus on the return to parliament, which will take place on November 29.

Asked about the outstretched hand he had offered to Ms. Nichols, Mr. Tanguay admitted that it is no longer simply a story of assignment to the National Assembly.

“I would have tried everything in terms of the vice-presidency, unfortunately for Marie-Claude, she says that is no longer the issue, although the door is always open. »

— Marc Tanguay, interim leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec

Marc Tanguay refused to see this crisis as a failure of his leadership. I rely on the team, on the women and men who have been elected under the Liberal banner […] who put the team first and foremost, he mentioned.

But in the event that Ms. Nichols returns to the Liberal family, Mr. Tanguay should have a discussion with her.

The main interested party, she, says she is frustrated to have learned of these latest twists in the media. In an interview with Paul Arcand on 98.5 FM, she said she wanted to wait for the next leader before reconsidering the possibility of joining the ranks of the Quebec Liberal Party.

With information from La Presse canadienne

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