Marcelina Ziętek and Piotr Żyła look like their peers. However, the age difference is quite significant


Nobody paid any attention to it …?

 Marcelina Ziętek and Piotr Żyła look like villagers. The age difference, however, is quite large

It cannot be denied that Piotr Żyła and his wife parted ways Justyna Żyła did not disappear from tabloid reports. There was no indication that the spouses were going to return to each other. This was evidenced primarily by the rather gloomy stories they wrote about each other in social media, blaming each other for the breakup.

New love rejuvenated Piotr?

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Media reports clearly indicated the infidelity of Piotr Żyła, but what was the truth, only the spouses know & ndash; now there were spouses. Everyone probably noticed that Piotr Żyła became a legend of the Polish ski jumping hill, he is an extremely colorful, modest and distanced personality, which in the eyes of many sympathizers and fans is a huge advantage. The athlete is also extremely modest, which is immediately noticeable when watching the interviews he gives. His sense of humor gives you the impression that you need to take all documents and passport with you when going to a party with him.

It is not known where you will end up with Piotr Żyła while partying. Apparently, such an approach to herself and to life strongly impressed Marcelina Zientek, who some viewers may associate with the 19+ series broadcast on TVN.

Few people know that between Marcelina and Peter is quite a big difference in age, despite the fact that in the photos and videos they look like villagers. Could it be influenced by Peter's sense of humor?

I would not expect anything that is exactly 10 years different between them. As it turns out, Marcelina Ziętek is 25 years old, and Piotr was alive Some time ago, he turned 35 years old. However, this difference of age is not visible among the celebrities, because Piotrek is an extremely joyful man, which is a perfect match for the young and smiling Marcelina.


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