Marek Kondrat is 71 years old and Antonina Turnau is 34 years old. The secrets of their marriage are revealed

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Their relationship and the family they have created are intriguing and shocking from the very beginning.

 Marek Kondrat is 71 years old and Antonina Turnau is 34 years old. Secrets of their marriage are revealed

All thanks to a considerable age difference, which is 37 years. Although many such relationships have arisen in show business, they still arouse controversy and are the subject of an unhealthy time of public interest.

While in the past you could only gossip and criticize couples with such a large difference century, now, in the age of the Internet and social media, users and tabloid writers can give vent to their views on the subject.

Their relationship is considered successful. How is it really?

Many people could be shocked by the news that 71-year-old Marek Kondrat became interested in now 34-year-old Tosia, who once spoke to the actor “uncle”, because he is friends with her father, a famous musician, Grzegorz Turnau.

As reported by “Pomponik”, the spouses have been considered a harmonious couple for six years, both in their personal lives and in terms of cooperation in their business. The charming and exclusive wine bar has become their common thing, the more so that Marek Kondrat has not been present in the public space of show business for years.

This does not, however, from time to time stop someone from the spouses' entourage from revealing the private “flavor” of Antonina and Mark's private lives. As it turns out, an anonymous informant reported to tabloids that the actor obeyed his wife's recommendations, who kept the actor's diet in check. The conversation reassures, however, that although Antonina watches over Marek in terms of proper nutrition, the artist left a small percentage of insubordination for himself, so as not to hit the proverbial slipper.

Ban on the knuckle, slouching and slouching

This does not mean, of course, that you listen to it 100%. Let's say it's 99%, however, it cannot be completely “under the foot”. Whenever he is left alone in Poland, his old friends will immediately prepare a party with pork knuckle and strong alcohol. They know that when Kondrat is with his wife, there is no chance – explains the informant, adding that Tosia also advises her husband to keep a straight posture and not slouch!

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