Marek Kondrat made an exceptionally honest confession to his wife's name. This is what his partner, almost four decades younger, does not allow him to do


Marek Kondrat told about his wife who was four decades younger.

 Marek Kondrat made an exceptionally honest confession to his wife's name. partner

According to the” Gossip “portal, Marek Kondrat and his wife, who is nearly four decades younger, guard their privacy very diligently. Recently, however, the actor decided to tell a little more about his marriage to Antonina Turnau. He revealed, among other things, what his partner does not allow him to do.

Social sensation

Marek Kondrat and Antonina Turnau started dating in 2013, causing quite a sensation. All because of the great age difference between the lovers. This account was not given particularly great opportunities, but time has shown that the unbelievers were wrong. Currently, the couple are raising their daughter Helena, who was born in 2018.

 Marek Kondrat made an exceptionally honest confession to his wife. > </p>
<p>Although the couple moved to Spain some time ago, they now live in Poland. During such a visit, Marek Kondrat gave an honest interview to “Newsweek”. The actor admitted that he is concerned about the next moves of the current government, as well as the trends that are emerging in society. Fortunately, the young wife allows him to continue to look at the world with hope. </p>
<p> “Rubbish will not force young people to do anything, they make their choices without any mode” – said Marek Kondrat. The actor revealed that his wife “does not let him slouch” and constantly “mobilizes him to life”. </p>
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Marek Kondrat on leaving by profession

Marek Kondrat quit acting in 2007. Now he admitted that he did not regret this decision at all, because he now has much more time to enjoy everyday life and spend time with his loved ones. This is definitely more important to him.

And you, you miss Marek Kondrat's presence on both the big and small screen?


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