Maria Burmaka said what new things have enriched my winter wardrobe

The singer admitted that she gained from warm things.

Мария Бурмака рассказала, какими новыми вещами пополнила свой зимний гардероб

On the eve of the new winter season all stars update your wardrobe. We asked Maria Burmaka that it has acquired for the cold period.

The actress admitted that she often get bored of things and she’s giving them. Then it may happen that the new season catches her by surprise and she quickly goes shopping.

“For the new season I suddenly found out that half the stuff in the spring have carried out of the house. I, like other followers of guru tidying Marie Kondo, tired of the large number of things at the end of the season they get bored and I get rid of a significant proportion of them. Therefore, the cold caught me off guard. But I already bought two down jacket: dark blue and grey short. And four hats. With caps I have a complicated relationship and if I something goes, I buy several different colors,” said Maria.

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