Maria Mashkova about her father: “It hurts me terribly that he is obsessed with the idea of ​​​​empire and returning to the USSR”


    Maria Mashkova about her father: "It hurts me terribly that he is obsessed with the idea of ​​an empire and a return to the USSR"

    Maria Mashkova

    Actress Maria Mashkova published a post on Instagram*, in which she told whether she would work by profession in the USA and how sees the development of further relations with his father:

    Dear Russians! I suddenly started talking to you under the previous post. It seemed to me that if I could convince at least one of my former admirers, the world would suddenly change. Dropped illusions. I gave up trying. So I decided to write the final one.

    1. Accusations that I scream so loudly because I am afraid of the seizure of property and deportation from America. I don’t want to betray the luxury illusion of Instagram, but I don’t have real estate either in Russia or in America. There is a movable — Nadia. You can see her in an interview with Dudyu. I also have cool glasses from a past life (pictured), but, most importantly, cool friends. The hand of one of them hugs me — Ukrainian. If I had kept silent and continued filming in Russia, I would have felt much better financially. Under the video of sirens and explosions of friends and colleagues from Ukraine, I could not…

    2. Who needs you in this America? I myself asked this question to my husband all the last years of my life in two countries. He answered me: “No one needs us anywhere. Everywhere you have to work hard and be needed by yourself.”

    Whether I work by profession in America or not, it seems that I will not get joy from you. In the first case, it will be: “Well, it's clear why she works there (in Russia because of her father, in America because of her position).” In the second case — gloating: “We told you.” There will be no discussion here. It's a pity. Let's learn to be happy for each other. Support. But this is after we learn not to attack foreign lands.

    3. In the previous post, I didn’t send my father in the ass. She sent to the ass with the idea of ​​war all the fathers of Russia, who with such frenzy send their children to defend their country for some reason in a foreign land. I was strongly hooked clip “DDT”. And yes, it hurts me terribly that my father is obsessed, as many fathers are now, with the idea of ​​​​empire and returning to the USSR at the cost of a free future for his children. I love my dad very much and will always love him very much. I consider him a great artist, to which I am truly professionally far away. I believe that someday I will hug him tightly. And he me. And let's stay like that. For a long time. Silently. In the meantime … I'll shut up myself. Until better times. All strength and love,

    — the actress wrote.

    Maria Mashkova about her father: "It hurts me terribly that he is obsessed with the idea of ​​empire and returning to the USSR"

    Maria and Vladimir Mashkov

    Maria Mashkova — the only daughter of actor and director Vladimir Mashkov. She moved to the United States with her family a long time ago. The actress, who openly opposes Russia's military special operation in Ukraine, broke off relations with her father because of different views on the political situation in the country. Recently, Vladimir Mashkov urged his daughter to return to her homeland.

    *Instagram belongs to Meta, an extremist organization recognized in the Russian Federation


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