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Marie -Maud: the Star Academy candidate hides a dual identity

Among the new candidates for Star Academy 2023, Marie-Maud displays an atypical profile. Profiles from elsewhere since she describes herself as “schizophrenic…

In the small, glittering world of the Star Academy, each candidate is carefully selected. to bring its share of mysteries and revelations. But Marie-Maud, the 24-year-old newcomer, already has experience. semé a wind of curiosity well before setting foot on the steps of the castle for the opening of the new season, launched this Saturday, November 4.

Interviewed on France Bleu before the big show, the young singer revealed multiple facets. Originally from Seine-et-Marne and trained at the Dalida Institut in Aix-en-Provence, she has already studied at the Dalida Institut in Aix-en-Provence. a very rich musical journey, marked by notably by a single “Si j'ai mal”. But the singularity of Marie-Maud lies in her choice of pseudonym. Because there is Marie-Maud for Star Ac and Marys, under which she promoted her music on YouTube. A double identity who grew the artist at calling herself a "schizophrenic".

Different profiles on social networks

Because the double identity by Marie-Maud is also blatant on social networks, as Télé2 weeks reminds us. LinkedIn presents her as a graduate of the Dalida Institut, while on Facebook, she describes herself as a former student of Kaplan International College in London, thus raising questions about her real academic career. ;mic. Instagram reveals yet another side of the singer, who juggles between her two names, perhaps in an approach of personal branding or media strategy.

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Before launching onto the Star Academy stage, Marie-Maud confided in à France Bleu that her previous professional experiences in tourism and sales had never really fulfilled her. It is therefore with the hope of finally finding her way that she approaches this new stage which she describes as a “turning point in her life”.

As the competition begins, the intrigue around the candidate increases. Will Marie-Maud, with her talents and her secrets, succeed? capture the attention of the public and the judges? What is certain is that its history is already there. complex and its personality will not fail to fuel conversations and perhaps shape an unforgettable character for this 2023 edition.

Teilor Stone

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