Marin was shocked by the allegations against Rydman – also recounting his own experiences in politics: “I have experienced harassment and harassment”

During an interview, Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) commented on the news coverage of Wille Rydman and the harassment she had encountered.

Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) commented on the Coalition's news coverage of MP Wille Rydman during the prime minister's interview. Matti [email protected] at 16:21

 Marin was depressed about Rydman's story about his own experience in politics:

Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) said that in the morning she read an extensive article by Helsingin Sanomat on the activities of MP Wille Rydman (Coalition Party). HS said many young people have experienced Rydman's harassment.

– I believe that these issues will be clarified. Helsingin Sanomat published this article today. I read it myself and was shocked by what I read. The things that were raised in the article are not very good about what the action was like, Marin said during an interview with the prime minister.

Marin was asked if she had encountered similar behavior in politics as a young woman.

– Yes, I have not personally encountered such a phenomenon as described in that article, Marin said.

– But yes, I can say that as a young woman, I have also experienced harassment and harassment in politics. I think it's a normal experience for many young women, unfortunately.

Marin also said she has run into inappropriate activities at party events. He spoke in an interview about his time before his term as prime minister.

– I have also experienced inappropriate use at various party events. Fortunately, we have liaison officers in the Social Democrats and efforts are being made to create a safe space, ”Marin said. “Unfortunately, we women have had to grow up in a world where our sovereignty has not been strangely respected,” said Marin. The image sparked a lot of discussion about the limits of good taste.

– It was tasteless, but I would say that as Prime Minister I am a public figure and it is possible to describe me there. Then the audience will judge whether the images are relevant or not, Marin said.

Not available as presidential candidate

Other topical issues were also discussed during the interview. Finland's NATO membership process has been frozen due to the slowdown by Turkey. Marin hoped the matter would be brought before the NATO summit in Madrid at the end of June.

– It is not an honor for NATO that this matter is not progressing, Marin said.

However, the Prime Minister considered it a risk that the situation would freeze. Marin stressed that in that situation, guarantees from Britain and the United States, for example, would provide security.

Finland's NATO membership has also raised questions about who will represent Finland at NATO summits. For the first time, Marin gave a direct answer.

– As far as I have interpreted and read the constitutional scholars, the President of the Republic would represent Finland at these summits. Although the president of the republic will attend the Madrid meeting – although we are not yet members – and then the foreign minister and defense minister on behalf of the government, Marin said.

He knocked it out outright.

– Yes, I can say outright that I am not available. The Social Democrats will nominate a good presidential candidate, but that's not me, Marin said.

This is how the party commented on suspicions of harassment against Rydman – Petteri Orpo: 14:16 Analysis: The United States and NATO are now resolving the Turkish deadlock in order for Finland to become a member of NATO16.6. 9:45

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