Mario Lyonnais formalizes his interest in being a Conservative candidate in Nicolet-Bécancour


Mario Lyonnais formalizes his interest in being a Conservative candidate in Nicolet-Bécancour

The leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec, Éric Duhaime (left), with the prefect of the MRC de Bécancour and mayor of Sainte-Françoise, Mario Lyonnais (right), July 21, 2022.

The leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ), Éric Duhaime, was in Bécancour on Thursday evening to formalize Mario Lyonnais' interest in becoming the party's candidate in the riding of Nicolet-Bécancour.

Mario Lyonnais is a farmer as well as mayor of Sainte-Françoise and prefect of the MRC of Bécancour. He is a down to earth guy, close to his world, declared Éric Duhaime.

We convinced someone who is a big name in politics, he added. When someone has spent 32 years as an elected official in their community, we can tip our hats to them.

Mario Lyonnais claims to have asked Éric Duhaime if he should toe the party line and the leader allegedly replied: No, follow your people, they are the ones who will put you in power, it is from them that it comes, this is the basis, he said during his speech.

The Nicolet-Bécancour riding has been held since 2012 by Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) MP Donald Martel. He won his last term in 2018 with 55% of the vote, ahead of PQ candidate Lucie Allard. The Conservative Party of Quebec then won 2% of the vote with candidate Jessie McNicoll.

Comedienne Anne Casabonne, who also plans to run in the provincial elections under the Conservative banner, was present Thursday evening in Bécancour.

Mario Lyonnais is the second mayor of Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec to want to make the leap into provincial politics under the Conservative banner.

Mario Lyonnais interviewed on the show Toujours le matin

The current mayor of La Tuque, Pierre- David Tremblay wishes to represent the party in the riding of Laviolette–Saint-Maurice.

In Trois-Rivières, Karine Pépin should represent the PCQ in the October 3 elections, just like Steve Massicotte in Champlain and Serge Noël in Maskinongé.


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