Mario + The Rabbids, symbol of mergers between iconic video game brands

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Mario + The Rabbids, symbol of mergers between emblematic video game brands

Rabid Rabbids, which hail from the game Rayman, joined Mario in a first game five years ago.

Merge the universe of the famous plumber Mario with that of the crazy Rabbids to create a title capable of attracting players other than their own audience: this is the bet of the renewed alliance between Nintendo and Ubisoft, a symbol of mergers between emblematic video game brands.

A first production resulting from this atypical partnership was already marketed in 2017, and its sequel, Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, arrived Thursday on the Switch console.

This alliance with the French publisher is a small revolution for Nintendo. Until then, he had never entrusted characters from his universe to a non-Japanese studio, and only his compatriot Sega had been able to pit Mario and the hedgehog Sonic against each other in titles dedicated to the Olympic Games. .

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This practice of combining two different universes, also used in cinema, animation and TV series, can be done in two forms, explains to Agence France-Presse (AFP) Julien Pillot, economist specialist cultural industries.

The first: it is the publisher, himself the owner of several iconic brands, who will marry them to create something new, like the Super Smash Bros. series. bringing together all the heroes of the Nintendo galaxy (Pikachu, Link and Donkey Kong) in an original fighting game. The second: they are two publishers who each have a powerful license and who agree to work together.

[The second form] is a little rarer, notes the specialist, in particular because of the puzzle linked to rights. Examples of this practice include the Kingdom Hearts series, a marriage between Japanese publisher Square Enix's Final Fantasy universe and the Disney galaxy.

Cloud, one of the characters from “Final Fantasy VII Remake”

Generally, this type of partnership concludes with a licensing agreement against a large check. There are also royalties linked to the game's sales figures, which can be negotiated in the contractual clauses, details Julien Pillot.

At the key also for the studio which is ;is responsible for the development, often precise specifications, so that the brand attributed to it is preserved.

On this point, Ubisoft and its production teams in Milan claim to have had real leeway from Nintendo to mix its Raving Rabbids universe with that of Mario.

Mario will soon have his movie: “Super Mario Bros.” will be released in theaters on April 7, 2023.

Illustration of this work: the invention of the Sparks, which are star-shaped creatures. It is the result of a graphic combination between the Lumas, characters that appeared in the game Super Mario Galaxy, and Ubisoft's rabbits.

Beyond the creative potential, what commercial interest is there in marrying two video game brands?

Mario + The Rabbids, this may be of interest to players of Mario or Rabbids, but it may also be of interest to players of neither neither, just because the proposal made on this game interests them, argues Julien Pillot.

The first part, counting more than 10 million x27;followers, has already confirmed this potential.

It has attracted a lot of attention because there are not many brands that make a duo with Mario , that's for sure, said Xavier Manzanares, the game's chief producer, to AFP.

  • Mario + The Rabbits Rabbids, a game from Ubisoft produced around the world
  • Nintendo Switch will have a new Mario + Rabbids in October re
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