Mariola Bruk exposed the participants of the “Sanatorium of Love” program. “Some people pretend to be a couple but are not actually”


What did Mariola say about the Sanatorium of Love program?

 Mariola Bruk unmasked a participant in the program

According to the portal “Super Express”, although a lot of time has passed since the end of the last season of “Sanatorium of Love”, the emotions associated with the participants of this edition are still vivid. Many wonder whether what happened between the participants was the implementation of the scenario prepared by the production or not. One of the participants of the TVP love show – Mariola Baruk – decided to take the floor.

Edition full of emotions

The 4th edition of the “Sanatorium of Love” program is behind us. Fans of the love show of Polish Television could not complain about boredom or lack of emotions. During the stay, we watched how the feeling between Natalia and Marek as well as Piotr and Ania flourished. The latter even got engaged during the finale, but time has verified the feelings of the two.

After the program ended, it turned out that Andrzej and Monika maintained a close relationship with each other, and they even went for a joint holiday. According to “Super Express”, a friend of these two shows that they are not going to rush anything and calmly wait for the direction in which their relationship is going.

Mariola Baruk reveals the truth about the relationship in the “Sanatorium of Love”

It is also good to have an account by Piotr Hubert and Mariola, who talk to each other on the phone every day and plan to meet each other in the near future . Many people indicate that the couple seem to have something more in common. In an interview with “Videoportal” Mariola firmly denied it, revealing the backstage of the program.

“In” Sanatorium of Love “we did not pretend to be a couple. I think that some people pretend to be a couple, although in fact they are not. that it was due to pressure on the glass “- said Mariola.

Who do you think she meant?


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