Marit Stiles on track to become Ontario's new NDP leader

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Marit Stiles on track to become Ontario's new NDP leader

Marit Stiles is the MLA for Davenport in Toronto.

The only NDP leadership candidate in Ontario, Toronto MLA Marit Stiles, is due to take the reins of the party following a confirmation vote.

Ms. Stiles was the only one to qualify before the deadline of the Dec. 5 for nominations, says NDP.

The confirmation vote is currently scheduled for early March, party officials add.

In a statement, the NDP already describes the MP for the riding of Davenport as its “next leader

Ms. Stiles was the NDP's education critic before she entered the leadership race last September.

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“The race is not over, it has only just begun. The goal is to defeat Doug Ford.

— Marit Stiles, anticipated NDP leader

For University of Ottawa political scientist Geneviève Tellier, the fact that Ms. Stiles was the only candidate does not bode well. In general, the health of a party is manifested by the interest it arouses for candidacies, she said in an interview on the show There are no two mornings the same .

In an interview with CBC, Ms. Stiles replied that she felt “a lot of excitement” campaigning in the province for the leadership of the NDP, adding that the “party is united”.

Ms. Stiles will need a simple majority of votes in the confirmation vote to officially become the new NDP leader, the Party says.

In the meantime, Peter Tabuns is acting leader. He succeeded Andrea Horwath, who resigned after the provincial election last June.

For her part, NDP President Janelle Brady said in a statement that Marit can give Ontarians hope and unite the province to defeat Doug Ford.

With Marit, we will build a party and an election campaign in 2026 that includes workers and unions, progressives, racialized and equity-seeking Ontarians and youth, she says.

With information from CBC

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