Mark Sutcliffe calls on Ontario to extend Bill 23 consultation process

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Mark Sutcliffe Calls on Ontario to Extend Consultation Process on Bill 23

Ottawa Mayor Mark Sutcliffe (archives)

After meeting with Ontario Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Steve Clark at Queen's Park on Tuesday, Ottawa's new mayor, Mark Sutcliffe, expressed in a formal letter some of his concerns about to Bill 23.

He believes that certain aspects of the bill are subject to improvement, including issues relating to environmental protection, the supply of affordable housing, the preservation of historic properties and the loss of royalties for municipalities.

Part of Bill 23's goal is to speed up the construction of more housing in Ontario.

The mayor of Ottawa's concerns are quantified. Relying on an analysis of the financial impacts of Bill 23 prepared by the City's municipal treasurer, Mark Sutcliffe mentions repercussions in the millions of dollars.

Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Steve Clark (File)

First, Bill 23 may, according to the municipal analysis, cause an estimated loss of $130 million in development charges over the five-year phase-in period. Consequence that will create an infrastructure funding deficit, according to the municipal treasurer.

According to the analysis of the financial impacts of Bill 23, it will also cause the elimination of services and capital costs billable under the Development Charges Act, which should lead to a $10 million shortfall over the next decade.

Mark Sutcliffe is also concerned that the removal of growth-related cost recovery for education Reduces City revenue by more than $20 million over 10 years.

Bill 23 financial impacts for the City of Ottawa would be in the millions, analysis finds . Pictured is Ottawa City Hall. (Archives)

Removing land as a recoverable cost for certain categories of services would, on top of that, have an estimated impact of more than $50 million over ten years, d 'after analysis.

Ottawa Mayor Calls on Ontario Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing to Extend Consultation Period Before Bill Passes Bill 23.

It calls on Ontario to consider the financial impact such changes would have on the City of Ottawa before proceeding x27;before with this bill.

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