Marta Kaczyńska found herself in the center of attention. All because of her “Masurian Paradise”. The prosecutor's office deals with the case

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What's with the fuss about Marta Kaczyńska's “Masurian Paradise”?

 Marta Kaczyńska found herself in the center of attention. All because of her

According to the portal “Wirtualna Polska”, an illegal canal ended with a marina on Lake Szymon was discovered. It was made on the property belonging to the company of Marta Kaczyńska's husband. The information about its creation was provided by fishermen. Get to know the details of the case.

Illegal channel

The findings made by the journalists of “Gazeta Wyborcza” show that the illegal canal and harbor were discovered in the area which belongs to the company Jana Investment. Its president is the current husband of Marta Kaczyńska, Piotr Zieliński. On the property located here, the local population sees the hands of the tragically deceased presidential couple and their spouse.

The information about the disturbing condition of the coastline was provided by local fishermen who reported the whole matter to the Board of the Polish Waters' Basin in Giżycko. The representatives of the institutions carried out an inspection, the results showed that during the earthworks carried out in this place, the coastline was damaged.

The construction of the canal, with a total area of ​​4,845 sq m, was also found. During its formation, the water reed growing there was supposed to be removed, as well as a large part of the bottom. This channel splits into a haven.

 Marta Kaczyńska was in the center of attention. Everything because of her

The findings show that the above-mentioned works were carried out without the required permits. The Management Board of W & oacute; d Polskie indicated that the necessary approvals were not applied to this institution, and that all activities took place outside the institution's knowledge.

Lots of emotions

The matter the prosecutor's office took up. The area where illegal work was carried out is located in the protected area – the Protected Landscape Area of ​​the Great Masurian Lakes Region.

It has been decided to appoint an expert whose opinion will decide whether anyone will be charged in this case and what qualification the charges can ultimately be accepted.

Marta Kaczyńska found herself in the center of attention. All because of her

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