Marta Kaczyńska has her fourth wedding anniversary. On social media, however, she published a post about a completely different event. What is it about


The media from time to time return to the topic of Marta Kaczyńska, who currently lives in a happy relationship with her third husband.

 Marta Kaczyńska has her fourth wedding anniversary. However, she published a post on a completely different event on social media. What's going on

There is no doubt that Marta Kaczyńska's emotional and family life was quite complicated and strewn with failures.

The journalist found love the third time. Celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary.

The women of the tragically deceased presidential couple got married for the first time in 2003, when they were only 20 years old. She met Piotr Smuniewski while studying. The spouses had a child, but they did not manage to save the happy home.

After four years, the relationship broke up, and Marta Kaczyńska met someone else. It was Marcin Dubieniecki, with whom she also had a child. The couple got married in 2007 at the Registry Office. Another husband of Marta Kaczyńska turned out to be Piotr Zieliński, with whom the journalist is celebrating her fourth wedding anniversary.

On social media, however, the niece of the president of Law and Justice expressed the memory of a completely different event, which is in no way related to her wedding anniversary. As it turns out, on her Facebook profile, Marta Kaczyńska mentioned the 24th anniversary of Zbigniew Herbert's death.

The media reports that the journalist and blogger has not published anything about her marriage with Piotr Zieliński for a long time. Therefore, in the absence of rumors and sensations, it can be assumed that their love and relationship are flourishing, just like the flowers in the bouquet that Marta Kaczyńska received from her husband on the Women's Day.

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When her family life was falling apart, she kept it a secret from her parents for whom ; rych family was sacred – I can only say that I was not the person who did not act fairly. Dad who didn't know the whole truth was worried about me. He believed that the family had great value that should be appreciated and we should not destroy it. I couldn't agree with him and decided to live alone with Ewa – she explained in one of the interviews. Now they are sure to be calm about their daughter.


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