Marvel: Disney is relaunching Deadpool 3 and it should stay just as nasty

Marvel: Disney is relaunching Deadpool 3 and it should stay just as nasty


Since Disney's takeover of Fox, Deadpool's fate seemed hanging by a thread. Don't panic: two screenwriters have just been recruited.

Of the Marvel superheroes, Deadpool is arguably the meanest and most irreverent. The fact that it was developed by another studio, outside of the MCU, allowed its creators to stay fairly loyal to the comics by coming up with a particularly violent film, very different from other films in the superheroic universe.

Deadpool beats up, squirts blood, swears constantly and string of dirty jokes in bad taste. Without hesitation, the American referencing agency – the MPPA, responsible for evaluating which audience the film is aimed at – awarded it the R rating, for “Restricted”, which is prohibited to those under 17 unaccompanied by an adult. Of all the superhero movies, the only ones to have achieved this level of referencing, are either atypical projects (like Logan ) or independent projects from the MCU (like Watchmen, or Kick-Ass ).

We don't get rid of it like that!

For the most loyal fans of the disfigured vigilante, the takeover of Fox by Disney raises some fears: what if the next installment was more sanitized, more “mainstream” like other MCU films? What if Disney simply left the meanest hero behind? Even Ryan Reynolds seemed to have some doubts about this sequel. Rest assured, the project seems to be back on track …

The American magazine Deadline actually reports that two new writers have been recruited – and that promises to be heavy! They are Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin, the two sisters to whom we owe the animated series Bob's Burgers . As writers and producers of the series, they were nominated eight times at the Emmy Awards, before winning the precious statuette in 2017.

Deadpool returns: it's Christmas before its time

For this third installment, Ryan Reynolds will also take over the main role as well as the producer cap. He will work hand in hand with the two writers and of course with the MCU team headed by Kevin Feige. For now, the film crew seems determined to keep the “R” rating and therefore all the violence associated with the mutant character.

On the other hand, David Leitch, who signed Deadpool 2, should not come back behind the camera. His schedule is full for the coming months: he is credited with directing the thriller Bullet Train and as a producer on the films Nobody and Kate , which are scheduled to air in 2021.

Ryan Reynolds, excited by Deadpool's return

The Deadpool 3 project therefore seems to have started again, but it is still too early for a shooting date or a release date to be announced. In the meantime, Reynolds has plenty of projects in the pipeline, including the comedy Free Guy due in early 2021, and the action flick Red Notice . The Molyneux sisters, meanwhile, produced an animated sitcom called The Great North , scheduled to air in February 2021 in the United States, on the Fox network.

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