Marvel: does the finale of Miss Marvel finally announce the arrival of the X-Men in the MCU?


In the latest episode of Miss Marvel, the superheroine's friend dropped a bombshell, the announcement of mutants in the MCU .

A new (umpteenth) Disney+ series from the Marvel stable has just concluded, Miss Marvel. Too little watched and yet of quality, at least in its early stages, the last brick (including our review of episode 6 of Miss Marvel) from the MCU concluded with the quiet opening of a door to a horizon long awaited by fans, the X-Men.

Kamala Khan's best friend reveals to his super-buddy through his amateur scientist kit that she is different from other humans, she has a mutation.A word that calls to a whole mythology that we have patiently watched in the Marvel universe in the cinema. Better still, and confirming all the more that we are talking about mutants, the theme music of the series X-Men : The Animated Series from 1992-1997 resonates surreptitiously into the scene. With Patrick Stewart returning as Professor X to the same frenzied pace in Sam Raimi's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it makes two allusions to the 1992 cartoon. Is Marvel trying to tell us something?

x-men: the beginning

A little throwback to when, in 1992 in the United States, it arrived on the Fox Kids channel (in 1995 on Canal+, and France 2 thereafter , for France) X-Men: The Animated Series with a musical theme that has become cult. At that time, the cartoon faced neither more nor less than the Distinguished Competition which also proposed a future masterpiece of superheroic adaptations, Batman: The Animated Series. Difficult to impose itself in the eyes of the little cherubs of the time, and yet the Marvel cartoon also became one of the pillars of the genre.

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Like its rival, X-Men: The Animated Series benefited from special care given to its intrigues faithful to the comics, mainly taking up those written by Chris Claremont, the X-Men comic book manager from 1975 to 1991. Thus, the series, for example, transcribed the Dark Phoenix arc with much more success than the 2019 film. Days of Future Past will do also part of the stories presented to children, a story that will be found in the cinema 22 years later. It is thanks to the maturity of its scripts, which dealt with racism, religion and self-acceptance, as in its aesthetic keeping the style of the cartoonist Jim Lee, that the series was able to remain in the memories.

Several video games will surf on the X-men-mania engendered by X-Men: The Animated Series during these years by taking up in particular designs and voice of the cartoon (like the excellent X-Men game on Megadrive). The series will be stopped for lack of budget, among other things, the animation of the fifth and final season being outright entrusted to an inexpensive studio in the Philippines.

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the re-re-return

With the few notes of the credits of the series X-Men resonating in Miss Marvel< /strong>, a whole generation of fans shuddered… for the second time. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnesshad already awakened hopes of seeing the X-Men in the MCU, while waving the bell of nostalgia. Because in addition to the musical theme of the cartoon, Patrick Stewart, the actor of the first X-Men trilogy and the few spin-offs on Wolverine, sat enthroned in a yellow armchair with an outfit identical to that from the '92 animated series (down to the tie stripes).

These references to the same cartoon are obviously not an unlikely coincidence, since Disney+ is due to release an animated series called X-Men '97 in the year 2023. This can be seen as a nostalgic sequel to the 90s program, but also as a real entry point for the X-Men in the MCU. The winks of Doctor Strange 2 and Miss Marvel being a way of telling us where to look. It would therefore not be surprising if the cartoon served to pose what will be the new version of the mutants.

Especially that connect an animated series to the MCU would not be a first, What…if? had already prepared us for this eventuality by introducing Captain Carter and Evil Strange. Two characters that we found in Doctor Strange 2. Finally, making the show's X-Men the new version of mutants for the MCU would be a way for Marvel to break away from the Fox imageon the characters, the studio having produced thirteen films and two series on the license. Stewart's return as a telepathic mutant might actually be more of a treat to fans than a real reintroduction of the actor as the MCU's Professor X.

So Marvel could use X-Men '97 to lay the groundwork for its X-Men before their incarnations by real actors. Thus, if we still do not know who will be the interpreters of the X-Men of the MCU or even which mutants will be in this new version of the team, the Disney + cartoon is to be kept in the crosshairs.

Marvel and Disney are probably looking to revive the success of the series which brought together many children in front of the program, and the comics, but also greatly contributed to attracting the public in theaters for the 2000 movie X-Men. When strategy works once, why wouldn't it work twice? Declining an effective formula is what Marvel does best.


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