Marvel: does this cameo in She-Hulk announce a Hulk movie?

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Who says last episode of a Marvel series says reference to a future MCU project. And at the end of She-Hulk: Lawyer, Hulk has fantastic news for us.

Like all Disney+ productions that are part of the he Marvel universe, there are winks announcing the greatest. She-Hulkobviously does not break the rule, especially when in her entourage she has the Hulk, a special case at Marvel Studios in terms of adaptation. Thus one of the last scenes of episode 9 of She-Hulk, which we found very disappointing, is perhaps the harbinger of what Marvel fans no longer even dared to whisper : a Hulk solo movie.

Warning! The following contains spoilers for She-Hulk Episode 9!


From the first episode, we felt that a revelation was going to happen on Hulk. If you haven't inflicted the series on yourself, know that the car accident that leads Jennifer Walters to come into contact with the blood of her cousin was caused by a Sakaaran vessel. Banner then announced that he had to settle personal affairs on Sakaar, which explained his absence during the series. We could therefore expect that when he returned, a teaser was in his luggage.

While Jennifer Walters is with her family and her boyfriend Matt Murdock (we said we were spoiling), Hulk presents, without any ceremony, his son Skaar. The latter, interpreted by the young Wil Deusner (Stargirl), appears to the eyes of the guests of the family barbecue and the spectator with the naturalness of a cistern. Thus, during his two-year stay on Sakaar in Thor: Ragnarok, Hulk had a child, and he is already a hell of a good man.

The appearance of the son of the Emerald Colossus is sorely lacking in subtlety and scale in comparison to its comic book equivalent. Born from the ashes of his mother caused by the explosion of the ship by which the Hulk arrived – driven into exile by Iron Man, Mr Fantastic, Charles Xavier, Doctor Strange and Black Bolt -, Skaar leads a life of warrior during his early years. He is aided by the powers inherited from his mother which make him able to manipulate rock and lava. However, banished by the ghost of mom on Earth because of his violence, he then has the firm intention to kill daddy Hulk whom he considers responsible for his rotten life.

After discussions and exchanges of fists, the father and the son are reconciled. Skaar, despite looking like a villain, sides with the heroes under the tutelage of Bruce Banner. He'll even join Norman Osborne's Dark Avengers as a double agent for Captain America, and help bring down the villain team. A good little guy in short, because Skaar's human form is that of a child of about twelve years old. On Sakaar, he experiences accelerated growth, as well as faster-than-normal maturity, which in the comics justifies his size for his young age.

hulk warfare

The trajectory the MCU is taking with the Hulk skipped a major event in Bruce Banner's history: World War Hulk. After becoming a warrior on Sakaar, the Green Giant returns to Earth to avenge his wife and confronts the vast majority of Marvel superheroes whom he reduces to gladiators. Doctor Strange, Iron Man, She-Hulk are unable to stop a berserk Hulkand his army of followers. It is a few years after this battle, which could have sealed the end of many heroes, that Skaar arrives on the blue planet.

The biggest expectation of comic book fans is therefore to see World War Hulk, a major arc of the character and the Marvel universe difficult to adapt other than in a film, or several. But with a Hulk at peace, a son who seems to be doing his homework and coming home before 8 p.m., it's hard to visualize the moment when Bruce Banner will go out of his way and become a danger to humanity. We can assume that his son, of whom we know nothing at the moment, is the future trigger of a war madness in his father, voluntarily or not. With the fate of Skaar's mother unknown, the Gamma Family equation is missing a big variable.

Skaar could also be the only person the Hulk trusts to kill him if he goes into an unstoppable murderous rage. We've seen in the movies that Thor and Iron Man were barely enough to stop a rampaging Hulk. In the comics, Banner trains his son for just that in Incredible Hulk #600 and the next few issues. An end that would be dramatic for the character, and therefore perfect for the cinema.

Introducing Skaar in the MCU probably announces the preparation of a future project on Hulk, because it's hard to imagine such a character closely related to Bruce Banner being grafted into someone else's film. We only hope his solo movie doesn't adapt Planet Hulk to chronicle the hero's years on Sakaar in a flashback that takes the MCU back in time, as Black Widow awkwardly did. We only have our buttocks left to sit on and wait.

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