Marvel: 'I Prefer Nick Fury': Why Samuel L. Jackson Loves His Character

Marvel: “ I prefer Nick Fury”: Why Samuel L. Jackson loves his character

Samuel L. Jackson makes no secret of it: of all the characters he has played, Nick Fury remains his favorite. The MCU actor gives his reasons.

Briefly glimpsed in a mysterious post-credits scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home(2019), Samuel L. Jackson will once again serve the MCU as Nick Fury, a key figure in S.H.I.E.L.D., the international counter-terrorism agency. The actor will take a lead role in Secret Invasion, a series that is set to take place during the Blip, which is the five years that Thanos wiped half of the map off the map. of the universe (see Avengers: Infinity War). If he did not manage to win a statuette thanks to his performance in the MCU, Samuel L. Jackson does not budge: Nick Fury remains his favorite character.

I don't make movies to win statuettes,” the actor said in an interview published by the Los Angeles Times. “I'd rather be Nick Fury. Or have fun being Mace Windu with a lightsaber in hand. ” A statement he had already made last March when asked about the Oscars: “[Winning an Oscar] doesn't change the trajectory of your career that much. A lot of people won it and haven't done much since.” For his part, Samuel L. Jackson was nominated only once and only for the Oscars, in 1995 for his role in Pulp Fiction. An award won that year by Martin Landau for Tim Burton's Ed Wood.

Samuel L. Jackson gives Nick Fury news

Samuel L. Jackson should have a lot of fun this summer. A guest on the talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the 70-year-old actor revealed that he has to return to London by August to do some extra takes for Secret Invasion , a Marvel production whose filming was completed last April. While no official release date has been announced for the series, we can expect to see it land on Disney+ by the end of the year or sometime in 2023.

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