Marvel: Jon Favreau wanted another ending for Iron Man, in Avengers: Endgame


SPOILERS ALERT – Avengers: Endgame

The director of the first MCU films took a dim view of the fate reserved for Tony Stark at the end of Avengers : Endgame… But he failed to convince the Russo brothers.

A little throwback to the past… Fourteen years ago to be exact. 2008: Marvel Studios undertakes a huge project that will completely disrupt the superhero world (and the international box office). The MCU is launched, with the ambition of developing an entire universe around Marvel characters, with narrative arcs that follow or respond to each other. A director is chosen by Kevin Feige and his team to take control of the first feature film of this big machine: Jon Favreau.

Before to appear himself in the saga, in the role of Happy Hogan (in the Spider-Man trilogy), the filmmaker directs the first Iron Manwith Robert Downey Jr… Then the second, two years later. When the Infinity Saga comes to an end a decade later in 2019, the MCU has already raked in over $22 billion and it's time to renew the core superhero pool and their cast. When saying goodbye to Tony Stark, Jon Favreau was not really convinced.

This info is from the Russo brothers (directors of last Avengers) who told it on the microphone of Vanity Fair:

“Among the people who were pressuring us to save Tony Stark, there was Jon Favreau ,explains Anthony Russo, he called us after he read the script and he said, 'are you really going to kill Iron Man?'”

His brother Joe agrees: “He did, yes. I remember being on a piece of stage doing the 100 steps, with Jon Favreau trying to convince him. Because he was in mode: 'you can't do that , it's going to destroy people… And you don't want that, for people coming out of the cinema. They're going to throw themselves under a car!' Well, we did it anyway.” No moods among the Russos.

Finally, Tony Stark bids farewell at the end of the last < strong>Avengers… as it was planned from the beginning of the franchise. Variety also unearthed an old interview with Chris Markus and Stephen McFeely, the screenwriters of Endgame, in the New York Times, defending this choice:

“Everyone knew it was the end for Tony Stark. We had another possibility, that of offering him a perfect retirement life, but he already had everything. The life he dreamed of leading. He ends up with Pepper , yes. They get married, they have a child, it's perfect. It's a beautiful death, it's not at all tragic. It's a heroic end, completed.”

Three years after the end of Endgame, the fate reserved for certain superheroes still a lot to talk about… Especially since two new Avengers films have been announced for the year 2025. The opportunity to “test” the success of the new guard of superheroes (Dr Strange , Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, the new Black Panther…) and unite them all together in this apotheosis for the Multiverse saga. We already know that the Russo brothers will not resume their seat as directors for these new feature films, and we have also discovered the name of the new Thanos, a man named Kang whom we present to you in more detail in a dedicated article.


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