Marvel: Loki, the Avengers' secret weapon on Disney +?

Marvel: Loki, the Avengers' secret weapon on Disney +?


Loki, the Disney + series with Tom Hiddleston, would already be entitled to a season 2 while we have not seen the shadow of the first. But why isn't this the case with other Marvel Cinematic Universe series like WandaVision, which will arrive long before?

We understand, Tom Hiddleston's Loki has been very popular since the release of Kenneth Branagh's first Thor . The ambiguity of the character has a lot to do with it and everything suggests that the script of the series will play on it. But what justifies that Loki will be entitled to two seasons from the start when The Falcon and The Winter Soldier , Hawkeye , WandaVision and the others will have to prove themselves with a first season each?

The reason seems simple: Loki's plot requires at least two seasons while seasons 1 of the other series will be sufficient on their own. The writers of the Asgardian series must have drawn from a lot of comics. We already know from the Super Bowl teaser that Loki will be dealing with the TVA (Time Variance Authority) , it is the time police of the Marvel Multiverse as we have seen in Timecop , Gravity Falls or The Visitor from the Future .

Loki vs. the Citadel of Rick and Morty

And obviously, the series should not be satisfied with that, Thor's brother will most certainly have fun traveling between eras while being chased by the TVA. But that will not prevent him from doing his usual tricks. We think in particular of the arc Loki: Agent of Asgard in which the protagonist collects keys, forged by Odin , which allow him to obtain a powerful sword named Gram. The worry is that Loki is being manipulated in spite of himself by the villainous Loki from the future. The character has indeed reached self-manipulation, the ultimate stage of the great manipulators.

And considering the series includes time travel in its storyline, this reveal wouldn't be all that surprising. And to make the pleasure last, Loki's mind could, as in the comics, find itself trapped in Lady Sif's body for a few episodes. And it would be pretty cool of Marvel and Disney to show us what happened to Sif (Jamie Alexander), because the latter was forgotten / spared in Thor: Ragnarok .

I will be back

We will have our answers when Loki arrives on Disney + in spring 2021. Before that, we can wait with WandaVision , scheduled for December 2020. And as Disney + seems to be in a hurry to renew its series like The Mandalorian after the broadcast of a single episode, we will quickly know if WandaVision will also be entitled to a season 2.

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