Marvel: RuPaul's Drag Race Superstar Joins Ironheart Cast


< strong>The worthy heir to Ironman will soon be entitled to her series on Disney+ and the casting is becoming clearer day by day. An American reality TV star joins the cast.

To accompany Dominique Thorne (aka Riri Williams, little engineering genius who succeeds Tony Stark in the comics), we already knew that there would be an actor from the Star Wars universe, an actress from the hit series This is UsWe now know that a star… What am I saying! An American reality TV icon will join the cast.

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“I'm still looking for words to express my excitement about this project. Acting is my first love, before drag. So it makes sense for me to complete my journey in Drag Race and start my acting career in the best possible way. Stepping into the MCU is like stepping into OZ…”

This star, according to Deadline magazine, is drag queen Shea Coulée, who appeared in three seasons of the show successful RuPaul's Drag Race. For neophytes, the show started in the late 2000s as a parody of modeling shows, featuring transvestites, transvestites and drag creatures of all kinds. The show quickly grew, to the point of becoming one of the most awarded entertainment in the history of American television… 25 Emmy Awards… Enough to make an underground culture a real phenomenon global. Today many countries have their own version of the show – including France, whose first season ends on August 11, 2022. End of parenthesis.

Shea Coulée, winner of the show's fifth All Stars season (think Koh Lanta's “Return of the Heroes”), will therefore be the show's first drag queen to join the Marvel Universe. Known for her commitment to promoting black American culture, Shea Coulée should perfectly find her place in this Disney + series directed by Angela Barnes and Sam Bailey (Dear White People). The series will also be produced by Ryan Coogler, the acclaimed director of Black Panther.

She is not the show's first contestant, however. to carve out a place for itself in the world of American fiction. RuPaul herself had taken on some of her “girls” for the Netflix series AJ and the Queen (which we won't say more about). Other candidates have stood out elsewhere: Shangela Laquifa Wadley thus appeared in one of the first scenes of the film A Star is Born with Lady Gaga and the actress Ginger Minj will soon be on the poster for Hocus Pocus 2,announced for September 30, 2022 on Disney+.

As for the Marvel universe, we should be able to see Black Panther : Wakanda Forever from November 9, 2022. The Ironheart series is expected sometime in 2023.


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