Marvel: the villain Mephisto could arrive in Ironheart with a super actor

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The devil himself, recurring antagonist of Marvel, could well be an antagonist of the Disney+ series Ironheart, and we already know his interpreter.

Now that it has finally been confirmed that Black Panther: Wakanda Foreverwill be released well in our cinemas, some will be delighted to discover on screen the introduction of the future Ironheart, heiress of Tony Stark, in the person of Riri Williams (played by Dominique Thorne). An opportunity to take advantage of, because from next year, the young heroine will start her career on Disney+ in the middle of all the other seasonal soap operas.

With the recent announcement of a RuPaul's Drag Race star to cast Ironheart,we expected to hear more about its production soon. No official announcements, but recent rumors make it more and more plausible that the exciting presence in the series of a villain highly anticipated by fans. If many are still desperately waiting for news of Galactus or Doctor Doom, this time it is Mephisto in question. And according to information relayed by Deadline, the actor to embody it would have been found in the person of Sacha Baron Cohen.

A major enemy of superheroes such as Ghost Rider or the Silver Surfer, Mephisto is arguably the one of the most fearsome villains in the Marvel universe, at least in his comics. Contesting Loki's status as a master of lies, he is very often represented as a sadistic adversary, using the heroes' torments against themselves. If his origin has never been clearly defined, he is often likened to the devil in the purest Christian tradition and is therefore content to be regularly an enemy of good without deeper nuances.

Back in the days of the WandaVision series, many had hoped for the introduction of Mephisto. After some speculation and disappointment, the villain of hell should therefore appear for the first time in Ironheart, which could be the trigger for a lot of major new storylines for the MCU sequel. In addition to being linked to the corruption of Doom or the creator of Ghost Rider, Mephisto could therefore be the one who will give his powers to The Hood (played by Anthony Ramos), opponent of Riri Williams in the future series.

And so it's Sacha Baron Cohen, Oscar nominee for The Seven from Chicagoin 2021, which could soon take on the traits of absolute evil (those of the devil, not Kevin Feige). It would have been thus seen in the premises of Marvel, in the Pinewood studios, in times coinciding with the filming of Ironheart, confirming the rumors in the good direction. If the idea of ​​having this actor in the role of Mephisto is really attractive, it should not however be forgotten that nothing is yet decided. Not only has nothing been officially announced, but we also know that the actor can be difficult to tame and could change his mind as he did in his time for Bohemian Rhapsody.

Ironheart should logically reach us by fall 2023 on the Disney+ streaming platform. The series will be written by Chinaka Hodge and will run for six episodes. Until we confirm or deny the presence of Sacha Baron Cohen in the casting, we will still admit to being a little more intrigued by the project with this news in mind.

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