Marvel: The Vision Quest series could have an impact on Wonder Man

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There is a connection between Vision Quest and Wonder Man, the two Disney+ series recently announced by Marvel, and the impact of one on the other to be decisive.

After the events of one of the best Marvel series, WandaVision,the synthezoid Vision (Paul Bettany) was replaced by a new version of himself, paler and less smiling. The robotic Avengers was going to other skies for an adventure that we will discover in its Vision Quest series. Now alone (a priori), since his wife the Scarlet Witch has undergone a facelift in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, what could happen to Vision?

The answer may be found in another announced series, Wonder Man, which has found its interpreter in the person of Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. In the comics, the two characters are…''brothers'' and the MCU might approach it.

Frankenstein's Android

Until then, the MCU has always been inspired by comics from afar, making enough references to them for us to recognize the source while adapting it (sometimes to the point of disrespect as in Thor: Love and Thunder< /strong>). In fact, the choice of the name Vision Quest for the series questions. Indeed, it's the same as a comic book arc written and drawn by John Byrne in 1989's The West Coast Avengers that WandaVision and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness have already greatly recovered. Vision is physically and mentally deconstructed there, to reform under a new identity, first White Vision, before regaining its personality.

< p style="text-align: justify;">This story is an opportunity to delve into the origins of Vision,involving multiple characters over multiple years. Created by Ultron, himself an invention of Hank Pym (replaced by Tony Stark in the films), he is the result of an assembly of the first Human Torch – a robot that fought with Captain America and Namor during World War II world – and the personality of Simon Williams, a man victim of a Masters of Evil experiment that made him Wonder Man. Through a screenplay mishmash spanning decades of publications, Williams' mind will be used to make the synthezoid human. So, in a way, Vision is Wonder Man's twin brother.

Thus, this birth reminiscent of pulp science fiction means that the robot Avengers is in constant search of who he is. Even his feelings for his wife do not belong to him since Simon Williams already felt them for Wanda. The superhuman is therefore an important part of what Vision is and Marvel Studios could explore this aspect of the character.


Even if the appearance of Wonder Man is late compared to that of the “son of Ultron”, the actor-stunt-superhero could play a role in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Vision. The android is currently literally a blank slate and bringing in Wonder Man who somehow has his personality affixed to Vision's synthetic mind wouldn't be absurd. For Vision, his series could thus revolve around, not the search for his origin as in the comics, but his quest for what he will be. His path could thus cross that of Wonder Man, and perhaps even the Masters of Evil.

The origins of the robot would fall back on track with those of the comics, after a slight script pirouette. Thus, in addition to offering Vision a rebirth to the point that he could be drastically different from his old version, Wonder Man would have a first connection with the Avengers. The hero is one of the most respected members of the team in the comics, if not one of the best known characters of the Marvel stable.

There is therefore every chance that Vision Quest and Wonder Man are intrinsically linked, each benefiting from the other. Both series should only be steps before Wonder Man's arrival with the Avengers, where he could play an important role.

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