Marvel: the Wonder Man series would have found an actor (and it will make people react)

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The future Marvel series, Wonder Man could well recruit a talented actor who will still annoy the most fragile.

Despite Kevin Feige's hold on the MCU, which is supposed to guarantee overall consistency in the franchise, certain more or less significant deviations, taken by certain screenwriters or filmmakers, may have thwarted the well-marked plan of the big boss of Marvel. The most attentive remember the conversation between Captain America and Jasper Stilwell in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, a conversation which evoked the potential threat to Hydra in the person of Stephen Strange, but who hadn't earned his superhero status by this point in the MCU's timeline (and no brainer, no matter how gifted, could have tipped the scales).

Thus, the alter ego of Wonder Man, Simon Williams has already made an appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as Nathan Fillion, the character quickly eradicated in James Gunn's killing game. A detail that went almost unnoticed by the public and which did not prevent Marvel from announcing a series dedicated to the character, former enemy then pillar of the Avengers. Ready for Wonder Man to become Captain America bis for the MCU? Difficult to answer this question. On the other hand, the series could have found the ideal interpreter to embody the superheros, a choice that will not fail to annoy some.

Indeed, according to Deadline,Yahya Abdul-Mateen IIĀ could take on the role of the powerful protagonist of the Marve universel . After playing in the DC stable with appearances in Aquaman (in the skin of Black Manta) and in the series Watchmen,(in the role of Doctor Manhattan), the actor would therefore land in the MCU. As a reminder, at the origin of the creation of Wonder Man, Simon Williams is endowed with fabulous powers by an antagonistic group of Avengers, the Masters of Evil, making him almost invulnerable. But trapped by his allies, Wonder Man ends up joining Captain America's band.

Despite the cartoonish appearance of the protagonist, the various scriptwriters who officiated behind the comic, have managed to get the most out of this superhero, in particular through his relationship with his brother, who has become the villainous The Reaper and through his romance with Scarlet Witch (you should also know that Vision's consciousness will be modeled, in the comic book, about the personality of Wonder Man).

That's why casting Yahya Abdul-Mateen II to portray Wonder Man would be ideal, as the actor delivered a solid performance as other pop culture icons Doctor Manhattan and Morpheus in Matrix Resurrections. . Two experiences that will be very useful to him when transcribing the procrastination of the protagonist. Whether or not Kevin Feige's oversight would hurt his eventual line-up remains to be seen, but that's another story. In any case, the possible appointment of Yahya Abdul-Mateen II would not fail to annoy the most fragile in this world and once again fuel futile polemics.

Anyway, if it did indeed offer the services of Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, the future Disney + series could count on a comedian of great talent even if the factory directed by Kevin Feige has often spoiled the work of some of them starting with that of Oscar Isaac on Moon Knight. For the moment, no release date has been specified by the studio.

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