Marvel: the X-Men may have found their new Professor X


After Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy, Marvel may have a new performer in its sights to play Charles Xavier aka Professor X of the X-Men.

Unlike the Fantastic 4, whose arrival in the MCU was made official at the same time as the eponymous film of Phase 6, that equally awaited by the X-Men has still not been announced, although the return of the mutants is indeed on the program, as Kevin Feige has already confirmed. For his part, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness paved the way for the superhero band with Patrick Stewart's Professor Charles Xavier cameo(the X-Men trilogy > and Logan), or at least another version of the character from the Multiverse.

Marvel opens the door open to X-Men

As of now, audiences aren't sure if the next team will be made up of the same members or if Marvel will bring in new performers to play them, but actor Giancarlo Esposito revealed some early clues during the TJH Superhero Car Show & Comic Con where he fired up the room by saying he had a chat with Marvel (and therefore probably Kevin Feige):

I didn't still worked with Marvel, but I was in a room with them where we talked. There was talk about Magneto, there was also talk about Dr. Freeze. , Doctor Doom and Professor X. I'd like to go for something a little different, I'm going to tell the universe it's Professor X[note: after the conference host asked him to choose a role].”

A little sweetness in this raw filmography

Obviously, simple discussions do not bind any contract and nothing confirms for the moment that a role – and more particularly that of Professor X – has been entrusted to him. But after having distinguished himself in roles of antagonists (Gus Fring in Breaking Bad, Moff Gideon in The Mandalorian or Stan Edgar in The Boys >),Playing an iconic superhero would indeed be something a little different for the actor.If no collaborations arise from these discussions, Giancarlo Esposito will have at least confirmed that the quoted roles are vacant, suggesting that Marvel is indeed looking to put some new faces on these cult characters.

While no announcements were made at the recent San Diego Comic Con, new information could still be shared at D23 next September.


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