Maryla Rodowicz fears for her future. The star is afraid of the consequences of one of the last interviews

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Maryla Rodowicz is afraid of losing her job.

Maryla Rodowicz fears for her future. The star is afraid of the consequences of one of the last interviews

As the “Pomponik” portal reminds, some time ago Maryla Rodowicz gave a rather surprising interview in which she criticized TVP quite sharply, calling the station “regime”. She also did not have a good opinion about the current rulers. It was all the more surprising that the star had so far avoided commenting on political issues, and public television is her employer. Now the artist is afraid of the consequences of her words.

Maryla Rodowicz surprised everyone

Maryla Rodowicz has been present on the music scene for decades and still manages to surprise her fans ;In. Recently, she gave an interview to the “Gossip” portal, where she decided to say what she thought about TVP and the current power camp.

Her criticism of the public broadcaster was all the more unexpected as Rodowicz has been cooperating with the station for years. Even now we can see her in the chair of the jury of the program “The Voice Senior”. After calling her employer “regime television”, Maryla Rodowicz can no longer be sure of further proposals from the TVP authorities.

The more so that the artist in the aforementioned conversation wished the current power camp, which TVP clearly favors, to lose. Many people have no doubt that Rodowicz will share the fate of Michał Szpak and Andrzej Piaseczny, who will lose their jobs at TVP after similar declarations.

Maryla Rodowicz fears for her job

Maryla Rodowicz begins to realize what consequences her words may have for her further cooperation with the station. “I'm worried about losing my job,” confessed Maryla Rodowicz in an interview with “Pomponik”.

The “Wizualne Media” portal reports that discussions are underway at the station about whether and possibly how the station's authorities should react to the words of Maryla Rodowicz. The prevailing view is not to comment on the singer's interview.

“It is rare for a star to criticize a TV program with her participation. – TVP wonders what to do with it, because it is for They have a big crisis,” said a person associated with the public broadcaster in an interview with “Wirtualne Media”.

Do you think Maryla Rodowicz will actually lose his job at TVP?